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    hi i bought a dogue de bordeaux who is 18month she was chunky when i got her as she rarely went on walks, now i can see her ribs and feel her spine, i feed her on jameswellbeloved and mix in mince which she seems to love but i was worried about her weight. she is out and about with me all day walking around as i dont like to leave her on her own. she is at vets tuesday to be weighed wormed and flea’d too thanks simon xxx


    She should weight about 100-120 lb it’s not a good idea the walk a dog about all day especially a big bones dog their joints have not finished growing and their muscle mass is not strong enough to hold the joints in place.
    It is never a good idea not to leave a dog on it’s own even if you are around all day it should have time out on it’s own you never know when you WILL have to leave her, ie a visit to the Dr even going to the shops you will have to leave her at home as in this day and age it’s to risky leaving a dog tied out the front of a shop.
    Did she come with a diet sheet?
    Sounds to me she is not getting enough to eat or she is eating the wrong food when I owned a Dane many years ago I fed her on tripe, mince, half a lamb carcase (at least twice a week) plus rice pudding and mixer


    PS Taken from the Dogue de Bordeauxs site

    Although one wouldn’t necessarily think it (given the Dogue’s massive size), the Dogue de Bordeaux doesn’t require a great deal of exercise in order to stay healthy. Quite the reverse is true, in fact–too much exercise during the dog’s first year of life can result in underdeveloped or overstressed bones and muscles, which can result in severe health problems (or even in early mortality.) So it’s wise to restrict the Dogue de Bordeaux’s exercise during its early years, only playing with the dog for perhaps an hour a day.

    The energy level of the Dogue de Bordeaux is low when compared with its potential power and strength, and this should be respected when exercising even adult Dogues. One or two walks (or more) per day should be considered a given, but can for older dogs also often be considered sufficient. Giving the Dogue free reign to run and play is also a good idea if you have the space for it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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