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    : Max was sick last night and was fine later but he has been sick this morning  :help:read:


    What was the sick like? Has he picked up anything on his walk?

    I have to say i do think it could be the food he is on. My dodger started out on that and not only did it make him loopy but it would also give him loose pooh’s.


    His poo,s are firm ish
      everything he as eaten


    Did he bring food back up or was it yellow bile? Does he seem alright in himself?


    yes as mad as always  no it was his food


    I believe that could mean you are either over feeding him or he doesn’t agree with the food. I would recommend getting him off it. If you are looking for a good quality dry food burns is the best or i would recommend nature diet if you are wanting a wet food. There is always going to the raw diet – you’ll find a lot of the dogs on here are fed raw :yes: Best thing out there IMO.


    If the food came back the same state as when he ate it then maybe he is bolting his food too quick or he may be eating too much, remember dry food swells in the stomach after it has been eaten and a puppy has a small stomach. You can see what I mean if you put some warm water on some and leave it for an hour 😉


    Not that I’m saying to completely discount it, keep an eye on him and make sure he seems well in himself, and obviously if it goes on too long, perhaps consider the ol’ vets… but… I’d bear in mind Lassie’s comment about bolting food, and also, just to reassure you, Rafe went through a “phase” of being sick every night/early morning for a couple of weeks – he was a similar age to Max – and if I did catch him before he’d (yuck) eaten it back up again, it was just regurgitated din dins.  VERY different to when he’d been ill sick – when it smelled like, well, like human sick.  :vomit:

    I’ve seen other posts about puppies of this sort of age being sick – it would be interesting to know for sure why they do! 



    if he bolts his food then you can do ….

    put a tin of baked beans (or similar) in the bowl to make it more challenging for him to eat

    split his meals up into 3 or 4 smaller ones

    put his food in a kong.

    make sure you are not over feeding him – packet guides are only a GUIDE.  when my lurcher was on burns dry food she was having 1/3 – 1/2 of the reccommended amt and still keeping weight on.

    claire x

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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