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    Merva was an african pygmy hedgehog i got after she retired from breeding a few years ago. she was overweight ( 3 pounds!) and her nails had grown around and through her feet and she had a nasty temper. But we worked together, got her cleaned up and slimmed down and been happy ever since, i even went back and adopted a daughter of hers just so i could have a line but sadly bernadette wasnt as nice as her mom and passed away shortly after i got her… anyhow last month a found a lump on mervas jaw and the speed at which it grew has been amazing and horrible. Kept her on pain meds but today decided it was enough. the mass went from not noticable to the size of a large marble in 29 days. she loved laying on her back and getting tickles and giving kisses and before she went blind last year could catch mealworms with the best of them. I love you merva, you were the best pet and confidante anyone could have.



    trundle over the bridge we hedgepig  :-*


    Run free little Merva  :-*


    Free Free Merva :-*


    run free little hedghog :-*


    run free little Merva  :-*


    Aw, run free little merva  :-*

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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