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    Remember I said I wanted a new puppy – a beagle – well…………..  ;D

    I have sort of got one for a while anyhow.  I am doing assessment at college on development and girl at work has 10 month beagle who has had no training – they just basically manage her – and not very well.

    Girlies name is Fudge – Fudge and Mudge  ;D

    I am going to visit in next few days and will of course be posting photos and will hopefully get her owner to join board so we can all help her whilst I get the hands on stuff  ;D


    Love beagles, looking forward to the pics.


    ;D Can’t wait to see pics – good luck with the training  ;D


    Training the pupster is easy hun – training the owners that is the problem  ;D


    I love beagles  ;D


    cant wait for pics  :ok:


    mudge and fudge! 😀  ;D thats good  ;D


    ooooo i’m so pleased for you mudge ;D :-*

    i can’t wait for the piccies ;D and i’m sure you’ll have great fun training the pupster and her owners 😀

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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