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    Hello everyone!

    I will very greatful if you people could look at my nev website and tell me your thoughts please… is it nice, not nice….??/ etc. I know thet is in different language – but iask about yours feelings



    neat tho it looks like its in ?polish

    does anyone know how to use the google page translator thing ?

    i wouldnt mind reading it !

    claire x


    yes it is polish! for me it is impossible to translate – becouse I don’t known so well english  🙁
    it is about my 2 dogs : Diki (she) in 2009 I want have puppis at her and Detania LORD OF MEADOWS, and about my Nolan (he).


    we have many polish people in my town, very friendly 🙂


    this should give english speakers a general idea 🙂

    about us

    What started as a Husky and film
    “Śnieżne Dogs”, in which Borderka dzielnie biegała in zaprzęgu. Zaprzęg already has been – so lacking now only Bordera. And so in our home patch emerged from the house DIKI Rogonia. Over time, in accordance with powiedzeniem one of our friends: “Bordery are like chips … as it starts you can not finish”, joined many of our family, NOLAN Porządnej Families. And so our true history started …


    The patch came to us from a farm Rogonia. Her father is CHPL-RUS-LT-AU H KAMARADA SCHUMACHER
    a mother KELI Rogonia. It is niesamowitym pracusiem. Work is for it all – no matter whether it was running in zaprzęgu or frisbee as now – counts that it is in motion. You can see in her eye, as works, amazing joy and willingness to exercise. He has a very strong character and is extremely intelligent – as the Border.

    Currently patch zaprzęgu no longer runs, because he joined the team very fast dogs, and unfortunately short łapki Latka council have not given them catch up. But for that to practise zaczęłyśmy
    Frisbee, and will not be praising us quite nicely to go. Łatce much better than me, so I still have to throwing.


    Nolan came to us from Porządna Family Breeding. It is a miracle of a dog, a family, instantly learners. Zakochaliśmy in him at first sight but rather photos, which Kamila – its hodowczyni, sent to us. His father is Polish Youth Champion, Champion Polish Detania LORD OF MEADOWS “Max” and the mother Champion GINGER Polish Families, Porządnej.

    farm (working / breeding)

    In our small domestic farms, it is important that szczeniaki are healthy and have good character, temperament typical of the breed Border Collie. To willingly worked with the man and his faithful companion were. We want our szczeniaki performed at the same time as in sport
    and at exhibitions.

    Because we want to make sure that our maluchy urodzą will be healthy and free from diseases of joints and eyes, both parents will przebadani the HD and the CEA, PRA, KAT. At the same time, we plan to explore our maluszki aged 6-7 weeks for the CEA.

    The patch this year yet to be tested for genetically HD and the CEA. As I already have the results soon, I proclaim here.

    For more information shortly.

    exhibition (shows)

    This year postanowiłam try our forces at exhibitions. The first steps have not been the easiest, because the issue of dog proved to be not so simple as it seemed. Exposure pupila requires a lot of exercises that our dog has set in motion without adequate pozie (not yet the end of us to go) ai so that traffic can be pretty fluid and it must be nabiegać. Helpful here is always the other person, which at the appropriate angle will look
    and provide guidance. Under the “Exhibition” will find the results of our exhibitions.

    In the exhibition, we have plans:
    XLI Torunska Dog Show – National Dog Show (CAC) – 17.08.2008
    XIII of the National Exhibition Psów Rasowych
    in Slupsk – 07.09.2008
    XXIV Zielonogórska Dog Show – 21.09.2008


    oooo – sqeeeeeeeeeal whippety linkie !!!!

    look at the baby puppy houndies !!!!


    ok … if you help me I try to translate me web … but it take som time  ;D importent for me it is taht i made this web by my self  ;D


    yep – i think its fab

    theres nice looking collies on there *look collie ppl* !!!

    claire x


    hmmm so you don’t like my web side  :'( no one has written in guest book – what do you think about colors, even general look


    can’t read it cause of the polish and i’m not a personal fan of orange but it’s all down to personal taste, colours. 🙂


    what colour you prefer? i’m working hard to translate my web and have 2 languages


    I like orange! ;D  Looks good love all the pictures, have signed your guest book 🙂


    [quote author=Nolan link=topic=12128.msg233545#msg233545 date=1217518915]
    what colour you prefer? i’m working hard to translate my web and have 2 languages
    blue…purple ;D it’s all personal taste though so as long as you like it and can read it, it’s good 😉


    sorry having trouble accessing the site properly will keep trying


    Sorry but it’s hard to work out what is what when you don’t understand the language ???
    Great photos though ;D ;D
    and very pretty dogs 😉

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