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    Nacho has been sick all day today.  :-\

    James phoned at work to say he had been sick 3 or 4 times in house and I got home to find he had went to my bed and been sick there too  :scared:  :vomit:  just as well I love him. 

    Undigested food – he is a bit lacklustre and not interested in anything but is still wagging tail.  Sure it is just a bug but James has been doing this a lot today  :vomit:  :vomit: as he cleaned….  ;D


    Awww mudge honey was the same on sunday – though she only barfed twice – i still dunno if it cos she was a pig – or she picked up a bug! but least she avoided barking on me bed! hope he feels better soon!!! xx


    hope nooch pooch better

    mudgie…they are seriously awful…. :vomit: :vomit:


    Nacho mudge better

    Shoes are great very mudgie – nachie



    they NAFF…save your ankles…by some walking boots  ::)


    got walking boots – mudge prefer these.

    Cant wear heels at moment – flats only – got broken bones in foot and mega soft tissue damage so no heels for me  🙁


    ohhh how come the broken bones??!!


    dont know  ::)  still really sore though


    Pooch is still not right – not eating not interested in anything wont even go near bones – wants to drink water  :what:  only ever drinks water out of stream or loch – now wants running tap – barking for it  :confused:

    Has “gurgly” tummy, self medicating with grass, no diarrhoea but then he hasnt eaten anything in last 48 hours.  Lacklustre wants to sleep all the time (not sure this is lack of energy with lack of food) Just not mine poochy at all.

    Any suggestions?  Might take him back to vets. 


    sounds like either a bug or am thinking possible giardia if he been drinking out of lochs…i would pop a fecal test in to vets

    lack of stamina will be due to lack of food…let him drink…will he take goats milk in it?

    have you tried hand feeding with minced meat…

    whats his stats like…


    he has had giardia before but it was much more extreme than this.  He has been eating a lot of snow. 

    Have tried hand feeding lots of stuff he just isnt interested doesnt even want my tea.  Wont touch water if it has goats milk in it – have tried that too.  Only wants water out of tap.

    Ears a bit hot – no hot spots on tum but gurgle gurgle – otherwise he is bright – eyes clear – ears a bit gunky but one always is so they are clean now


    breathing rate


    gums fine not dehydrated
    heartrate seems okay just normal as does breathing rate
    temp – dunno

    not with him at mo James on pooch patrol and would be as well asking 4 year old next door!!!


    and as i clicked post lightbulb exploded..

    what you doing letting him eat lots of snow  😮

    all sorts of shite in snow…stuff hidden, chemicals etc etc… eating snow can cause upset stomachs…can even induce hypothermia.

    and stop giving him water right of tap…it needs to be at room temp…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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