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    I’ve just noticed tonight when dodger was playing on his back that he has around 7/8 nasty sores on the right side off his willy (when you are looking up towards his head, the left side is completely normal). They are scattered all over the bit of belly there and they and the skin around them is bright red. Most of them look to have a black crust on top that has broken to leave red raw fleshy stuff. There is also one just below his belly button and a long strip following around the base of his nuts. They seem to be slightly raised then his normal skin and apart from a little bit of licking they don’t seem to be bothering him??

    My mam told me a few days ago, right before i was off to work, that he was licking a lot down there, she didn’t check and i had forgotten when i got home.

    I’m working on pictures as it’s really hard to describe but so far i have put on some manuka honey.

    Any idea’s? :help:


    strep infection i reckon…prob bramble scratches that he has licked…post on here somewhere about what i do…bathe in a antiseptic solution like tcp or savlon liquid or sea salt solution and then apply a topical that he wont lick…


    Why did i think this was about your nut allergy?!  😀


    haha nope only dodger’s nuts tonight :laugh:

    so i should boost his immune like i did with Tila too? ???

    What antiseptic solution should i use? Do i buy it or make it? Will the manuka honey help?

    here’s a pic, because of the flash it looks a lot less red then it actually is.

    [img width=468 height=313][/img]


    Does look nasty, wouldn’t use honey – that will encourage him to lick and lick………
    Think Val uses Hibiscrub, it’s pink stuff, to wash the area.
    Could she use tea tree cream Kiz? 


    i have the tee tree oil and i have just put the big buster collar on him just incase he wants to lick the honey off – but he’s not a fan of honey so he hasn’t touched it yet.


    the honey will only work if he doesnt lick it off  🙂 so that means a dressing really…but i find with strep letting the air on helps…

    use a 1 to 3 tcp or savlon solution…then get some aloe vera gel or witchazel/calomine cream on…better still…get him down the beach for a good swim…i dont think you need to boost his iimmune..he had some scratches and he been licking them is all i reckon…shoulod clear up in about 3 days ish

    when i saw title i thought he had knicked some maca nuts  😀


    wouldnt use tt oil..wouldnt use an oil…skin around the balck crusty areas needs to breathe…


    i  have some aleo vera gel so can apply that. He doesn’t like honey so isn’t going anywhere near it with his tongue so will continue with that too. Here’s the other pic’s of the one around his nuts – poor bugger :-*

    [img width=313 height=468][/img]


    poor dodge, hope it clears up soon :-*


    Ouch that looks really nasty – R had a similar sort of thing about a year ago – Having no real idea what to do I put aloe vera gel with a few drops t t in, it soothed but didn’t clear it – ended up having to go to vets and get charged a fortune for a course of antibiotics.  Rafe loved it.  He loves tablets, because they come wrapped in nice stuff, which were doubled coz of probiotics, and then he got loads of nat yog.  Sometimes I wonder if he does it deliberately.


    QUistel do a FAB spray as do Hilton Herbs

    First Essential by HH or even their phytobalm is excellent


    Awww poor Dodge looks nasty – but agree on the tt oil i find it can make some dogs worse…?


    it’s seems to be clearing nicely. Some of the smaller ones have gone and his skin seems a lot less red, although his nuts are looking very raw and red :-\


    Poor Dodge.. can’t be nice having itchy sore nuts  :boooo:  :boooo:

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