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    I have been asked to post this again  ;D

    21 Geranium
    21 Eucaiyptus
    14 Tea Tree
    14 Lavender
    210 mls warm water in a house plant sprayer

    Spray this mix over your dog making sure to reach the skin can be used as a grooming spray all year.
    Never put the oils on a dog without first mixing with a carrier in this case water


    Thanks Val, knew it was 14 and 21 drops but couldn’t remember which  ;D  :-*


    ;D be time to find mine out again – and remember to use it!


    am i right in asuming that the ingrediants should be the oils? like the massage oils? or is there another type of these that i need to get


    Yep.. little bottles of oil… H&B have them usually  🙂


    was looking at them on ebay ;D thankyou will order some now


    when you spray this on do you do it until the dog is soaking wet or just a light spray?
    do you wash it out?
    how often should it be used?

    excuse the questions ;D


    It depends on how recently Fritz was groomed.. if not too long ago then it doesn’t take as much… but I give him a good spray all over and then run it down to the skin.. I use a plant sprayer from homebase… it feels like I spray him a lot but one mix following Val’s recipe and volume of water lasts me quite a while  :ok: (i guess that might also be cause I forget to use it  :-[ )


    so when i use this then i should make sure he is very well covered? but not dripping with it


    I would say.. and be sure to rub it otherwise it won’t penetrate down the hair  😉

    I really should take a photo of Fritz’s face when i spray him.. it’s classic  😀


    😀 😀

    stan will give me the ‘i cant believe you are doing this to me’ face 😀 the one i ussualy get when he has a bath ;D

    ok last question
    stan likes to lick himself after a bath, should i stop him from doing that until the spray is dry on him?


    He won’t want to lick this, I’m pretty sure  😉


    😀 😀 ok


    I made some up and its brilliant, smells lovely and Dante smells nice and fresh from using it.

    Thanks for the recipe  :ok:


    [quote author=danhappy link=topic=13972.msg273196#msg273196 date=1256478920]
    I made some up and its brilliant, smells lovely and Dante smells nice and fresh from using it.

    Thanks for the recipe  :ok:
    First few times i ever used Valstuff people asked what that roomdeodorizer was…. now we use it on dogs, dogbeds, blankets on the sofa, ……… the list is endless. Now at times everything smell like Valstuff.  😉

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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