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    ok will do  🙂 when should o try her on the tripe again


    3 days after the scratching has stopped  🙂


    ok thanks not for a while then!


    What fruit and veg can you use in dogs diets? So far I’ve used (all raw) apple, carrot,banana, peas and broccoli fleurets – any more ideas? I hope it’s ok to feed these raw and not cooked, but I just read that apple pips can be poisonous to dogs – is that correct? I’ve been leaving them in  :-\


    prob easier to say what they can’t have  ;D

    so the no’s are:

    raw potato, rhubarb leaves, grapes, macadema nuts, avacado, onions  – in fact val has put up a list of poisons in the stickies i think  ;D

    limit the banana’s they high in potassium and fruit sugars – mine get 1 small one a day
    spinach is mega good as are pumpkin seeds – full of zinc good for coat and skin – most seeds are ok mine get safflower and linseeds – mine go daft for dried fruits like apricots and prunes but no sultanas or raisens as they dried grapes – my lot also go daft for roasted parsnips and roasted sweet potato but again they are high in sugars and they prefer their cauliflower raw  ;D they all like chickory but it a laxative like most of the lettuce family – beetroot is a big favourite too but beware it stains the poo and pee – look at the list of poisons other than that if they like it go for it

    apple pips contain a very minute amount of a cyanide compound – if i give my lot an apple we find the pips are spit out – the only bits left – if adding apple to dinners i core them but it is only a trace amount – would have to eat lots  🙂

    oo and chick peas – they adore chick peas on days we dont cook we throw in a tin – drained and washed


    ah excellent. I found that ‘dangerous foods for dogs’ sticky

    I never would’ve thought of chick peas! nice call. I saw you posting about pumpkin seeds a few weeks ago so have been using a spoon of the seed mix I have on my cereal. Thanks for the tip about bananas – Shep loves them but Mollie only mouths a piece and drops it somewhere where someone can tread on it in their bare feet in the middle of the night  😀

    Good, I can branch out a bit now and they can  can get some more interesting stuff. Y’know since I came on here a few months ago when I first got Shep and read everyones advice I dropped the complete dried food for Mollie. Both dogs have benefitted hugely from all your advice on feeding dogs, and Mollie eats all her dinner in one go which she never did before, so she must be enjoying it. Shep came to me with a bag of Eukanaba, but now he also eats a range of foods which disappear as soon as my backs turned!


    🙂 thats great news and thanks for posting – i love to watch dogs eating food they clearly enjoy as opposed to just taking in calories, i also enjoy preparing it – it can be as easy or as time consuming as you like but much better than chucking some balls in a bag at them  🙂


    Glad to hear they are enjoying their food so much  ;D

    Bev – I gave honey chick peas and they make her eyes bad – should I of expected that?? I had thought they would be ok – its a shame cos she loves them but they definately make her eyes bad


    did you wash and drain them well  ???


    Yep – we tried canned and um dried ones – both gave same result!! I tested it a couple of times and it was deinately them.


    ok – no sugars in them as such but they do carry a high range of amino acids – will go check them out see if anything hits the brain cells – was it just her eyes?


    Ummm I think she was a little itchy too – it was a while ago, guess I should of said at the time but once I realised what it was i just stopped giving it too her and didnt give it much more thought!! But yeah thinking back I think she did get a bit itchy – not to bad but combined with the eyes was enough to make me realise something wasnt right.  🙂


    Couldn’t sleep last night was wondering about giving dogs raw pork. Watched a really gross video clip of someone pouring coke onto a pork fillet and all these worms crawled out. yuk yuk yuk.
    Also was making up some porridge last night and used a ham hock was this ok???
    And one more question could I have stuck in some mushrooms?
    Jo (still learning)

    One more thing if anyone has time could you check out this site for me and let me know what I should consider buying. I would really appreciate it. 😀 😀 😀


    Wow, they do buffalo!  Would just be like beef, a bit leaner maybe?  :-\


    i believe ham hocks are a no no due to salt content….i think!  ::)  ;D

    what a great site!!! would love to know what a dino bone is!  ;D loads there for you to chose from hunny  🙂

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