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    Interesting. I’ve had a look through briefly and need to delve a bit more to take it all in. Nature Diet therefore would seem safer as it does not have any additions barr ground bone.


    I’ve used both Natures Harvest and Natures Menu – at one point not too long ago I tried to move Nacho onto Natures Harvest as someone on here who has weims feeds it to their pooch.  Nacho was having none of it.  He picked out the natures diet and left the harvest  ::)  Nacho is not a fussy eater in the slightest in fact he is totally food focussed  ;D  He chose what one he wanted – I feed mostly raw but he does get natures diet on a daily basis – it is convenient  ;D  He gets it in his kong too  ;D 


    i no this is a old post but iv also tried this not sure if any one can tell me what part of the lamb this is ?

    hope i dont get told off for bumping it up


    I had that in there a while back!  I threw it away, i hope its not a bum hole!  😀


    lmao thats what me and other half said he was nearly sick when he spotted it teddy did enjoy it  lol well not that packet


    i had a piece of blue plastic packaging in mine this week.  not a happy lady.

    gonna look at the new trophy wet food see whats what (also got salmon oil i think for those who dont feed that)

    claire x


    [quote author=piglet link=topic=7261.msg230102#msg230102 date=1215968044]
    i had a piece of blue plastic packaging in mine this week.  not a happy lady.

    I’ve had that too!  😮  Thats not great  >:(


    i would have a guess that it is part of the cecum – which is part of the intestine – lambs intestines are much used in foods across the med and into eastern europe – nice soups and sausage casings etc



    hehe, honey had that in ummm naturdiet before? I cant remember when she was on some wet food………she ate it  😀

    Claire what is that trophy food couldnt find ingredients for wet food – emailed them, still yet to find any wet food I could take for when me and honey go camping……..apart from applaws which would nearly bankrupt me the amount Honey eats shed need 4/5 tins a day  😮


    pack up a picnic box like i said before suz  🙂


    Mmmm am still considering it Bev im just really funny incase it goes off – unlikely I know but as you know I dont realise and end up feeding her yucky stuff  :-[ But think I will just have to  – not paying £1 a tin for the applaws  ::)



    tis brand new – sent a grilling e-mail about ingredients, sources, nutritional anlysis blah blah etc etc …. will post when it comes back (done same to ND while i was at it !!)

    i think it has salmon oil in and eggs and veg so dont get excited sorry.

    Claire x


    No suprise really Claire wasnt expecting a miracle haha!!  😉 but yep let us know what you find out  ;D

Viewing 13 posts - 61 through 73 (of 73 total)
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