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    I am changing my two from James Wellbeloved to Naturediet as they both prefer it, I would like some feedback on how much I should feed them as the guide on the packet is always too much ::)
    Tam is 17kgs and Willow about 21kgs, I would like them to stay at this level as I feel they are about the right weight although the vet thinks Tam should be 16kgs or under but he can get stuffed >:D Wet through Tam is like a whippet ::)
    I know most feed Naturediet with Laughing dog mixer but why?
    It is a complete food ???
    Anyway any advice ladies??? ;D


    It has been a while since we fed this but I think it is a complete.. we never gave any extras with it…

    and Fritz had a pack and a half twice a day…. he is about 22 kgs and on the go a lot through the day.. not sure if that would be too much for yours…? Doesn’t Nat feed this too?  :-\


    Not sure :-\ know there are quite a few that use it as a standby when they forget to take stuff out of the freezer ;D Willow was on raw for the first 1year+ but the dustbin had more food than the dog :-\ but she LOVES this stuff, Tam will eat anything including the contents of the cat litter tray :-X
    Would like to get the dogs on to this rather than dry food, Tam is firmer in the poo department when on this than he is on dry food ???


    I have used it on it’s own as a standby or when travelling but now find tinned Chappie as good and cheaper for occassional use.  I find it far too expensive to feed larger dogs.

    At home I cook something very similar in a preserving pan about once a week.  I blitz garlic, my frozen vegetable peelings (topped up with whatever veg is on offer if I’m short!) oil and rice.  I freeze it in daily portions and feed it with equal quantity of meat.  Every couple of days they’ll have raw chicken wings instead.  I usually have a bag of Autarky to sometimes add a bit of crunch but I can’t say that they like it!  My lot have been on this for a few years now and thrive on it.  It used to cost me about £1.50 a week to feed each Rough but now that everything’s gone up, I reckon it’s nearer £3 a week, but with Nature Diet at 65p each pack, 2 per day would be £9 per week!  😮


    Kizzie weighs 18kg and has a third of a packet with a mug of mixer for tea but those were the instructions on my diet sheet from Bev and took into account what she had for brekkie and her exercise routine.  🙂


    Naturediet makes Loki’s eyes run… no idea why – he fine on rice if I cook it myself – so not sure it can be that… so he doesn’t get it ever now…

    But – when I have given it in the past I feed him a whole tray, with a mug of LD mixer (just for crunch) – he weighs about 28kg at the mo.


    Piper has it for her tea, half a pack with a cup of mixer  🙂 She still has sardines or chicken wings for breakie  🙂

    Was feeding the Natures Harvest but think the Nature Diet is the better one! I’ve noticed when I bought some this week that the label has changed on the chicken one and it has Omega 3 & 6 oils in now provided by flax, fish and meat!  🙂


    😀 I use Natures Harvest as it already contains Omega 3s via the salmon oil which is more  appropriate source than flax, . plus glucosamine; however as the exact quantities are not clear it is doubtful how effective these are.  I can see Naturediet that they are rising to the previsouly unchallenged market in this area!

    some on this board however have expressed concern about the use of salmon oil in the Natures Harvest; you pays your money and takes your choice.

    The NH is more expensive than ND however it DOES have an EASY removable lid! 😀

    FWIW if I substitute for raw I feed a 27kg dog one pack a meal x 2 per day (she puts on weight easily) and a 40kg dog 2 packs a meal x 2 a day (he struggles to keep it on).

    It depends on how active your dogs are really.

    I do not feed grains or cereals normally and as the ND and NH have rice I would not feed it anyway as it would then be more grain than meat; which sort of defeats the purpose of purchasing these products IMV; I think the meat content is higher in NH than ND but I cannot remember.

    Other similar products are Natures Menu, Forthglade and Wainwrights.



    I started feeding naturediet and laughing dog because kiz said it was better for my dogs than burns was.  i was feeding 1/6th pack + handful of LD morning and evening coz thats what she said to feed – my 2 dogs are 14kgs and 16kgs and both maintain on same qty.

    I changed to NH because I was too annoyed that ND never fixed their packet after numerous ppl complained (as sp says – prev. unchallenged market) so i voted with my feet.  I chose NH because sp uses it and she seems confident about it and seems a good dog person to me and my feed place sell it for £1 more than ND per box (of 18 packs) so price didnt seem that different.

    I add the mixer because kiz told me to and never thought to ask why i think its to bulk out the food – to be honest my dogs would eat a bowl of just mixer – they eat their biscuits up lovely.

    I like NH as its brown rice – not white like ND and border collies are known to react to white.

    I have to say since changing from Burns – both my dogs coats, especially Williams are exceptional and their skin is so much better too (both were dry).

    Claire x


    I never knew BC reacted to white rice, why is that?

    Is not white rice just brown rice without the bran?

    Or is it the stuff that like glucose/talc that is used to give white rice a polished look the issue with Border Collies?



    in a perfect world white rice would be brown rice without the bran but (i believe) that it is as you suggest – the sugars in it can make them hyper hyper.

    i cant think right now where i first heard it but i know there are a couple of people who state it on their websites i’ll try and find links. 

    claire x


    [quote author=piglet link=topic=12122.msg233303#msg233303 date=1217417465]

    I like NH as its brown rice – not white like ND and border collies are known to react to white.


    ive heard this lots just never seen it with anyone that i know


    brown rice is simply white rice that hasn’t been milled to remove the outer husk

    Nacho gets raw in morning – chicken wings, ribs, whatever but a good amount (doggie bags too) and gets 2 ND at night with denes mixer – wholemeal.  but he is very active and gets a seleciton of fruit and veg throughout day too. 

    No matter what you feed him he is always STARVING  ::)


    mudgie – thats the definition of it yes – but it is made “shinier” / “better” …


    brown rice is much healthier than white because of the husk

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