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    :help:my beautifull little 3 month old cocker spaniel, “Lacey” is driving me up the wall.

    We have tried everything and i mean everything to stop her from biting, so far nothing has worked. she is the sweetest little creature until she decides it’s time to bite hard, run and come back again for more.  She may be a little too young just yet, but, she is still on occasion having a wee in the house, although the door to the yard is allways open. she will go pee if i take her and say wee, but still as i say has them in the house.
    Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

    >:( kathleen


    shes very young – go back to basics takign her out for a wee after sleeping/feeding etc and playing. make sure to praise her for going. is plenty of topics on here for getting them to ASK to go out 😉

    as for the biting if she does it ust get up and walk away – like right away if poss where she cant get to you,  she will soon learn  that biting gets her nothing but the removal of you attention. again is topics on here in the stickys i think.


    She isnt too young to learn if she has it on cue, use it.

    I have ‘want out’ on cue if they want to go out for a wee they go to the back door, if they dont I get the dont be stupid look.

    For the biting, do as Suz says ignore her, or distract with a chew toy.

    Look at the Cubert clumber thread, lots of info on there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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