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    Just thought I’d share some of Rafe’s newer amusing naughty tricks…

    1) opening car doors…

    As if Auntie Bev-fever by itself were not enough – he decided Auntie Bev was not getting out of the car to greet him quickly enough, and so took hold of her car door handle in his mouth and started pulling it!!  And I swear I never taught him that!!

    2) make mummy do it…

    Rafe got a big boy Kong for Christmas (from me, to give me 5 mins peace of an evening!), and so I duly stuffed it with paste and biscuits… Rafe in HEAVEN…  Until it started being too hard to reach with licking alone.  Rafe throws Kong.  Treats bounce out.  20 minutes of Kong throwing later (not peaceful) he bored…  Kong lands in my lap, with a look that says “you throw it for me mummy”.  STUPID mummy does, treat falls out.

    I am my own worst enemy.  Re stuffed Kong as it now empty.  Full Kong lands in my lap… “it so much easier if you make the treats come out for me”.  Rafe refusing to chew it, just keeps reappearing in my lap.  Doh.


    😀 😀 😀 clever boy ;D


    hehe check out  click on the magazine cover 3 times  ;D


    he has sooooooooo got YOU sussed  ;D  ;D


    HAHAHAHA.. clever clogs !!

    Bailey can open doors, ….but not yet sussed out how to close them behind


    And our last flattie was such a thicko!!

    He had the better of me from the first time he tilted his head and pricked his ears and gave me The Look.  And it has been all downhill from there!

    Glad I’m not alone with it tho!  I have to lock doors if I don’t want them opened – CLEARLY because I had neglected to let His Lordship be where he wanted to be.  Oh dear!!


    Latest on this…

    If at first you don’t succeed (in getting what you want) pester, pester and pester again.

    So if your mum isn’t throwing the tree you’ve brought her, just carry on bumping it into her until she does.  And if she’s with a friend, drop the tree in front of both of them, wait until they walk past it, then pick it up and run between them, catching both of them on the backs of their knees, before dropping it in front of them and repeating.

    Another key point in the success of the above is to choose a tree of substantial length.  A minimum of 4 feet, and preferably longer.

    Twice now he’s tried to pick up a suitable branch which is still attached to the living tree!!

    And unfortunately am reinforcing all the time as he has such a despondent look in his eyes if you don’t throw the stick, so I can’t refuse him!!



    ;D 😀 hahaha hes just being a retriever  ;D


    He’s just being a horror!!  But yep, I have to laugh at him.  Besides he was a Good Boy today on his walk – really lovely with a couple of young pupsters we met who were afraid of him at first (coz he’s ginormous), but playing nicely by the end.  So got all mumsy proud again!


    didnt you used to be phsyche?



    But then I decided it was a bit silly, coz I meet people in the park and tell em to come on here, but then I feel silly saying “look for xxpsychexx”.  So I don’t.  And I fgured there can’t be that many of you that are knife wielding psychopaths, so I’m probably ok using my real name…

    You may laugh now.  ;D


    see…. i’m so quick to notice things ……. *cough*


    lol ur dog is clever


    [quote author=Justine&Rafe link=topic=13336.msg258275#msg258275 date=1232559223]
    And I fgured there can’t be that many of you that are knife wielding psychopaths, so I’m probably ok using my real name…


    wellllllllllllllllllllllll  >:D  >:D  :ugly:


    ;D 😀

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