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    Travis 1

    Trav is really itchy,no fleas,been on the same food for quite a few years now,raw diet and sardines a few times a week,Stanley not scratching at all,he has bald patches down his chest,and starting to chew feet again and gloopy eyes.I tried him on antihistamines which didn’t make a difference.Gave in and took him to the vets 10 days ago,was given steroids for 5 days and Fuciderm gel for bald patches which has taken the redness away from the bald patches,but the boy is still itchy.
    Tripe,lamb ribs,hearts,lungs,chicken backs,raw eggs,veggies(no carrots )turkey wings,pork ribs,rabbit,and sardines,
    Can’t post any pics as camera is out of action,the only thing that did sooth him was that I gave him a bath using Polytar shampoo.
    Any help would be greatly recieved


    did the vet take skin scrapes before dosing with steroids and anti fungal gunk?

    this will only mask the problem…need to find the cause hun

    i would start by knocking beef/beef products off the menu

    also…noticed you said turkey wings…turkey skin is toxic to dogs..causes pancreatitis…hope you skinning them

    is this itching seasonal?

    Travis 1

    No scrapings taken,will knock the beef products on the head,and I didn’t realise turkey skin was toxic to dogs,but saying that he has been having turkey for many years with no problems,unless the poor boy has got a build up of toxins in his body.He does go through an itchy period through the warmer months,don’t know if it’s the mild weather we have had,do you think I should carry on with the antihistamines 🙂


    i would wean off the steroids….then i would continue with the anti his while itching going on…but…i would also call vet have a rant and insist that scrapes are taken and as that should have been done on the last visit i wouldnt pay another consult fee  >:D but you know me lol…at least if you have a scrape done it will either exclude any form of mite or tell you it a form of mite and then you know what you are dealing with…

    cube only gets an itch from nettles at this time of year…new growth doesnt bother him but when they seed it does…to help him with this i spray his coat with vals coat spray to add extra oil coating…but you in limbo land as you need to know the trigger

    val may be able to help on this one…as to why…whats in it i just accept what they tell me but…if ami starts an itch…she grazes like hell on watercress…she loves it anyway and munches away like a cow in clover when she finds it in streams etc….but when she itchy she will really ask for it if we eating it…so i give it to her…

    the bald patches are the worry…i would sure be thinking mite of sometype…

    Travis 1

    He finished the steroids 5 days ago,will carry on with the antihistamines and take him back to vets.

    Thanks for the help


    Sky had sacoptic mites (fox mange) when we got her, this caused bald spots… vet did scrape and found one… said they’re quite hard to find on skin scrapes. Why do vets always give out steroids like they’re sweets… does p**s me off  >:D

    Hope you get to the bottom of this, hugs to Travis  :-*

    Travis 1

    Thanks Nat,
    Nothing showing up on skin scrapes,they said if he had mites,Stan would have them also,no scratching from Stan at all,the vet wanted to give more steroids,but I refused,anymore help would be greatly recieved




    thinking cap time

    have you central heating…if so did the scratching start around the time you put it on

    have you changed cleaning products

    have you changed walks…has the environment in the walks changed due to time of year…like i said above re nettles in seed etc

    any chance of a pic of the bald spots…

    answer that bit then we will dig deeper in to diet


    Travis 1

    We had central heating installed in July,he was going through his itching at that time,he is always itchy in the warmer months,we had economy 7 before the central heating was installed so this is his first Winter with central heating since before we moved nearly 4 years ago.

    No change in our walks and no change to our cleaning products.
    Thanks for any help in advance


    what sort of central heating…as in rads etc and a fire…or just rads…

    start the exclusion diet…give him an immune boost…add some vit e oil topically…
    will he drink fruit juice?

    Travis 1

    No gas fire,what sort of fruit juice can he have,will get some vit E oil in the morning


    any that he will take…but cranberry will help detox and cherry will help with skin probs  🙂

    Travis 1

    I’ll go and get Niamh to give him some cranberry juice,he will eat anything from her

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