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    Jees some people… friend of mine, never had dogs in her life, was terrified of em growing up cos she got bitten, passed the fear onto her kids too!! Bought a “Cavviepoo”  :whistle: she now 6 months old!! I’ve always given her advice from day one, re food etc… booked her in to be spayed on advice of vet and I suggested if she really wants to have her done then at least wait until she’s matured and had a couple of seasons, speaking from experience with Piper being done too soon at 6 months!! She posted on FB yesterday that she was in having op  🙁 going to be microchipped whilst under GA and have her anal glands checked and emptied!!! I messaged her and said “you know my feelings on the spay but please don’t let em do her bum glands, she only 6 months, they’ll need doing all the time”… and I was thinking you’re just an easy target for the vets to line their pockets!!! All I got back was an “ok” so guessing she just let em get on with it!!
    Today her FB status reads:
    “Yay. Not only have I reduced (possibly even eliminated) the risk of mammary cancer, eliminated the possibility of her getting uterine or ovarian cancer, I can also benefit from being the proud mummy to a even more affectionate dog”
    Now thats a dig if ever I heard one… she can get stuffed now, am leaving her to it!! Posting bloody pics of pups in Harrods thinking its great and dressing her dog up in silk knickers and every other fancy dress costume going!!! The dog’s probably got its own f**king wardrobe!!!!  >:D

    Sorry just had to get that all off my chest  :surrender:


    cannot win them all hun… 🙂 she will need you before you need her xx


    True Bev but its sooooooo frustrating! Have blocked her posts from my wall, poor dog being paraded in all these outfits, looking like its thinking WTF are you doing to me!!!  :boooo:


    Would you like me to start on her?  >:D >:D >:D


    Lol Izzie, someone needs too haha!! She a nice lady really, just hasn’t a clue about dogs!! Think she should’ve had another baby really  😉


    Just walk away as the saying goes.
    You can help some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time.
    Bev and I could call that our mantra


    lol val…bit like with frags at the moment… ::)
    just how many ways can you say THEY ARE NOT SCARED… ::)


    LOL  ::)


    yepyep…you all read that last post mine in frags rescue thread correctly…had a spay…my calming hormones have all gone


    hmph some people need a friendly tap on the head – with a heavy brick  :agree:


    So thats my problem they took my patience hormones as well

    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=16236.msg283365#msg283365 date=1324409211]
    yepyep…you all read that last post mine in frags rescue thread correctly…had a spay…my calming hormones have all gone


    jeez….you should read the emails i have had overnight from frags…
    talk about insulting…. 😮 😮 😮
    been accused of ‘doctoring’ the vid i put up ….if only she knew how useless i am with photo’s and vids haha…in order to mislead…blahblah…she had pm’d to say she didnt want vids up in case her neighbours soemhow saw them and she didn t want them to no the state of her back garden…i offered to remove them…i thought she wanted the vid up  ::)  then she emailed to ask me to put up 2 other vids.. ????….i refused saying wont until you have caught up with the thread and responded….
    she ref to the folks that had posted as ‘court jesters’  😮 😮
    blimey….all i was doing was trying to help…

    i went to bed….and then got accused of refusing to answer her emails…JFC…

    beginning to think she on something  🙂

    think i will lock them until she contacts….she seems to be incapable of understand it a public forum


    see she gone…

    have sent her this

    well….i see you have left the board and that you deleted the thread…lord knows why…not one person insulted you…they only trying to help and give you the benefit of their exp. i spent a lot of my time in answering your questions and trying to guide you…i hope it wasnt wasted and that you refer to the advice as you progress with the wee girl…that is if you decide to keep her…i hope if you do send her back you don’t commit her to a death sentence by labeling her aggressive….she isnt…but hey what do i know,,,  and as for including wags in your insult..well…am totally confused…she asked q  re the GS…and made a joke about it being a large dog?? how on earth anyone can take offense at that is beyond me….

    good luck with her…assuming you keep her


    did anyone see any posts from her later on last night…b4 she deleted the thread?


    Nope did you copy them?

    TBH its no great loss, she was faast becoming another Terry just from further away!


    didnt copy the threads no…have the larger ones on windows….

    will copy you in on the emails lol

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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