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    We have a new member joining our pack on thursday and i am realy excited  ;D ;D
    Stan has met her and approves of her and the owners were happy that she likes me and stan so its all good ;D

    oooo i cant wait, will get some pictures of her as soon as she arrives that i can show you all ;D ;D


    Kerrie, Kerrie, Kerrie………..  :nono: You can’t say that and not tell us more about her  ::)

    Congrats though hun, bet you’re well excited  ;D


    ;D ;D ;D thought i would grab your attention first 😛


    Her name is Jaz (but im going to rename her Fly, dont like the name Jaz), she is a 7 month old pure bred rottie and is an absolute sweetheart. She does mouth but is very gentle in nature and was quite comfortable being pulled and tugged about by me. very quick to learn and eager to please.
    Jaz was rescued by her current owner from and abusive home but due to having an autistic child that is ver rough on Jaz they didnt feel it was fair on Jaz to keep her

    so i have offered her a home and will be coming to live on thursday ;D ;D very excited ;D


    awwww lovely, lots of pics to come then  ;D

    Erm…. how’s your sis about you getting a Rottie instead of a Staffie  😉


    oh yes there will definatly be lots of pictures ;D

    as for my sister….. shhhh…. i havent told her yet but as Stan is a rottie cross in my oppinion she will not be able to say anything about it. my best mate and my other half are just as excited as me and that has made me happy ;D will cross the bridge with my sister when it comes to it lol


    Good luck with that one then….. Rotties are “dangerous” too ya know, just like Staffies and Dobies and and and lol  😀  😉

    Joke apart, hope she works out for you and good on you for rescuing her  🙂


    At the end of the day every dog has the potential to be dangerous, its not just the breeding but the upbrining and the training that can make a dog dangerouse.

    well wish me luck because i am seeing my sister this afternoon and i will be telling her about the new dog  :scared: fingers crossed


    Good luck  ;D


    Pictures, we want pictures as prove or we don’t believe a word you said  >:D .    (i’ll say a ny thing to see new pics of doggies  😀 )


    A new kid on the block lovely  ;D hope it goes well with sis

    Travis 1

    Great news,can’t wait to see pic’s 🙂


    well i give up ::) Jaz will not be coming to live as i have just found out that she turned on a 3 year old and bit him, the owners have taken her to the RSPCA as they couldnt have her in the house after the incident
    never mind what will be will be 🙂


    Oh dear… was this the autistic child you mentioned above?  :-\


    yes it was, im not saying the dog was to blame but it is unfortunate for the dog


    Auch… :-\ , wasn’t meant to be. Pitty, vut wasn’t meant to be.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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