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    nope knowhere nearer  🙁

    don’t doggies turn just as quick in agility?


    agility can be more controlled (if dog is trained correctly) but you are right, accidents still happen in agility as well, so its just one of thoses things  :-\ pros and cons to everything! :-\


    i was just thinking to the agility i watched at crufts and there were some very speedy dogs out there, but i  guess there are risks in everything  ::)


    yep indeedy  ::)



    yep i am and there are a couple of good flyball teams worth a watch round here 🙂

    and also – if ur local, where do you train as i’d love an agility class !

    zer – yep u right, i was thinking that in agility the dog is more “in control” of how it turns/moves whereas in flyball it only has tight turns and dogs are trained to turn one way onto the ball (as far as i have seen) om BFA which surely must affect their development/stance – i cant believe it doesnt having seen how many runs some ppl make their dogs do a day all weekend at comps ? 

    claire x


    do u no any places that do tracking then in northants area? 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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