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    assuming everything goes to plan ie moving and a few other things, im planning to get another puppy – however with all the troubles with fletch i dont think it will be another american cocker !

    top of my list at the moment is a norfolk terrier but wondering if any of you had any other possible suggestions…….it must be smallish no smaller than the norfolk but no bigger than my cockers! it must have hair – dont mind if it needs grooming but nothing too high maintenance – and something that will fit in and keep up with the boys and a child !


    Get your lion dog Suz!  :ok:


    Odin has a pretty sister  :whistle: lol. I agree with Izz  :yes: .


    Izzie ive thought about it but to be honest, from what ive seen of the breed i really dont think a lowchen would be suitable.

    And no no shelties they not my cuppa tea sorry……

    id say a maltese is too small – having said that i quite fancy a long haired dach- though maybe standard, or a griffon !


    tibetan terrier? there is one at my ringcraft, and she is fab! such character!


    Out of the ones you have listed I would go for a Griff rough coated the people in the breed seem friendy, Stewarded the breed at Crufts 2011 I have a friend that breeds them nice dogs.
    I would not buy a Norfolk the breed is dominated by two big kennels can’t say they were friendly either, have stewarded them as well.


    Ohhh thank you Val its that kind of info i need – ive met lots of nice american cocker people BUT at the same time many have put me off ever wanting another!

    would it be possible to have a chat to your friend as and when im ready??

    iz i did wonder about a TT but they are so frickin noisy!!! i dunno not sure i want a dog with that much hair either…..

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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