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    Nico was a rottweiller who lived two doors down from us.  He was a playmate for nooch.  Nico would cry at the end of the driveway for Nacho to come play with him.  He was a total softie.  He was a lovely dog and never had a bad bone in his body or growl in his vocabulary. 

    He lived for five short years and was a puppy at same time as Nacho – they were great mates.  He had a large mass on his leg – just looked like a big long lump – took him to vets and they did some tests and scans and his leg was more tumour than leg – the scans showed his body was amass with them.  He showed no other signs other than the lump on his leg which was only obvious for a couple of days.

    Nacho will miss him as will I  :-*  Its a sad day today


    How sad, so young  :'( Run free Nico  :-*


    Run free Nico 


    Run Free Nico  :-* :-*


    Thats very sad 🙁  Poor Nacho for losing such a good friend.  Run free Nico :-*

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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