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    I never walk Nacho at night – never  :-\  I dont know why – he gets loads of exercise during day – and the latest he is out in winter time is late afternoon – in Summer sometimes I walk him up to 9 maybe 10 o’clock when still light outside.  ;D 

    However, I have noticed a lot of doggies out in the hours of dark and I know some of you do street walks so what do you think are the benefits of this – pooch sleeps very well but would it be better for him to have street walk before bed time  ???


    Honey doesnt – simply cos she goes into protect mode when it dark – its not even funny, she scared some poor bloke witless one morning – though granted what he was doing in dark stood in the garden i dont know – but anything ‘odd’ gets same reaction including statues on walls etc  ::)

    Then course this time of night with fireworks – not worth the hassle – so we tend to go out when its light-  even winter i dont start work till 9 earliest so rare its really dark for walks. And i dont feel she misses out on night walk…….even when i lived at my flat i just used to take her down for a wee – no walk…….


    i’ve almost always taken dodger out at night – it started with when he was a baby to get him used to seeing people out when it was dark. Then it stopped and i only started again when he hit ‘that’ age at 6 months couldn’t let him off lead when other dogs were around so took him out at night and he would always have a really good run :yes: Now i don’t take him out at night unless on the bike since the whole thing started a while back 🙁


    I walk the girls at night, to them its a higher criteria- with the foxes, etc

    I was told – and I dont know whether it is true or not- that street walking builds up a different set of muscles to letting them offleash.


    both our girls were winter pups so i have always had to walk  them at night some of the time. but i have to put a i viz vest on Inca and a blinking light or i would never see her. get yourself a buddy to walk with at night if you dont want to walk on your own, i know i dont.

    i think it exposes them to different things, as everything sounds and looks different at night, shadows are more prominent.


    i walk mine at night every night. In fact its the walk I enjoy the most and the one I hate to miss. Merlin spends most of his time on the long lead on the daytime walk so I take them down the golf course after tea for about 90 minutes or so, then they can all have a good offlead run and play and sniff because there is hardly ever anyone about and if there is its always the same people so I can relax around them and their dogs. I can bring them home and I know they will settle and that is it for the night :ok:

    (A bit off topic but the only thing what bugs me about that is that I always make sure my dogs are lit up and visible, even in the darkest place. People walking their dogs who dont make themselves visible and then complain cos I dont see them and the first thing I know about their presence is them yelling for me to call Merlin back are out of order in my book. Especially when we are all highly visible and there is a huge great big golf course and they choose to walk within 40ft of me  :nono:)


    as izzie says mudgie it a different criteria… builds confidence, shows them a different world, i street walk at night…a paced trundle on hard surface for the most of it and a bit of a sniff off leash just inside one of the areas i normally walk them


    We walk early in the morning when it is dark and late at night! Ollie is great but meg is a little worried about stuff and tends to lose focus quite quickly! It is a very high criteria for meg but unfortunately we have no choice! Both Ash and I start work at 8am! All we can do is build her up on lead walking on the weekends and any afternoons we can get home early! They also come to work with me too so they get a bit of lead walking at lunchtime, but mostly frisbee and ball playing!
    meg also likes the car head lights in the dark!! Super high criteria trying to get the focus is near on impossible!! She will get there tho!!
    I actually enjoy the night walking, we have a great street circuit that is well lit and it keeps Ollie’s toe nails down!!


    so if I walk early in morning and it is dark – is that the same criteria as walking at night then – or is it different because smells etc different  ;D  I hate walking in dark – always have the headline “dog walker finds dead body”


    I dont ever do the night walk.. am too chicken  :-\


    I enjoy a night walk with the beardies but not with the pekes they are to dammed alert for night walking they would bark at a fly having a belch have always done it with the beardies as it tightens muscles for the show ring


    I take Izzy to Weetslade pit in the dark, with OH though.  Its pitch black so i have to take a torch.


    Tam likes walks any time but Willow is on guard duty at night ;D


    I occasionally take PIper out in the dark – avoiding this at the mo cos of fireworks though!  ::) She loves it, goes berserk  ;D Lots of different smells  ;D


    dorain usually gets walked at night – less people.  🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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