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    but the dog walkers are doing a video and advertising shoot with the dogs on wednesday.. great timing cause they will catch Fritz at his most handsome  ;D

    Hope he features on their vans / website.. would be great  ;D am fed up of seeing schnauzers being used on products with no eyebrows / breads / trimmings.. is awful  >:D saw one on some food in the supermarket.. looked a right sorry state poor thing  :embarrass: and as for that worming tablet one.. :boooo:


    No pressure – I have the easy job YOU got the hard job.

    Im grooming him tmorrow means you gots to keep him clean and tidy for 3 days……..good luck  :tease:

    ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D

    I will make him extra handsome!!  😉 probably no honey tomorrow hun sorry fritz is gonna be gutted i know but i just cant get her back home again too busy and cant leave her at my nans as they going out about half 4  :-\


    awwwww he’ll be gutted bless him  :'( never mind, will make Sunday all the more exciting for him then  ;D
    10.30 yeah?


    11-30  :-* i should be there just after or maybe just before ( hopefully before!!) i need to leave my nans about half 3ish – plenty of time for Fritz though  ;D I havent told her where shes going sunday yet  ;D Im gutted i cant bring her sat – if my gran had been there would of been ok, but i wont finish work till half 8 so she be on her own for maybe four hours…………


    I told Fritz earlier.. he went bat sh*t  ;D


    😀 he not gonna sleep tonight or tomorrow night!


    Wow, i wish we could afford all that!  :yes:


    You could do one Foxie do it yourself not expensive

    [quote author=Foxisle_crazy link=topic=13986.msg264758#msg264758 date=1238270612]
    Wow, i wish we could afford all that!  :yes:


    Fritz is seriously pissed off with me – i wish i had had a camera to take a pic of his face when he realised Honey wasnt there – is safe to say the only reason he likes visiting is to see Honey  😀 He crawled under the chair and sulked  😀

    Christine has photo of him ‘getting off the table’ Bev you’d be well impressed reckon we have it on cue is certainly 100% reliable when hes told to ‘get off the table’  >:D  ;D

    Val we clipped most of him today  :-* he still the most handsome dog!!

    I love this pic, looks like he has cropped ears  😀

    and sitting pretty  :-*

    he was very very good today – he likes the clippers  :yes:


    he tried to hide behind his mummy’s legs bless him.. he’s such a baby  😀
    He was a very good boy and smells gorgeous.. i have had the pleasure of his weight on top of me for 2 hours on the sofa this afternoon…  ;D  ;D
    Daddy Richard thinks he looks fab  :ok:

    Will upload our pics once we have got more from tomorrow…. he’ll wet his knickers when he sees who’s coming to visit  ;D


    he better not wet himself – not when we spent all that time bathing him!

    Christine can we stop at a shop somewhere tomorrow and buy dessert ? pwease  ;D  ;D

    Honeys going to just about die when she realises where we are tomorrow  😀
    Did Richard enjoy the footy i caught the last ten minutes at customers house – was hilarious the dog was watching it while stood on my grooming table, everytime i stood infront of her she nudged my arm or moved round so she could see  😀


    he’s sparko on the sofa  ::) had a good time I think  😉
    And yes, of course we can stop off for pudding  :yes:  :tease:


    ;D glad hes tired Honey wants him rested so they can play chase in the park  :yes:

    Yummy – but nothing custard  :vomit: Izzie says  :vomit: and i agree  :agree:


    ok…. we’ll see what they got in the Tesco Metro up the road


    hun even sat nav is saying it will take me off at junction 15 not 16…so will probably follow that rather than confuse myself  ??? and then call you if i get lost  :ok:  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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