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    Remember some time ago the RSPCA took that Labrador away from it’s owners because it was so fat they were killing it? Well i fail to understand how this woman has avoided prosecution for allowing her Rottweiler to get so ridiculously obese. It’s even worse that she glorifies it on TV.  >:(



    poor dog – owner needs kick up backside  >:(


    she was on TV ages ago

    shes from Bolton or somewhere like that (near me) and to be quite honest in my eyes shes very typical of the people from these areas


    It was repeated on Sky the weekend. I just can’t understand how she hasn’t been prosecuted for cruelty. It’s no different to what those old brothers did to the Lab & he was taken away from them & put on a diet – and yet someone like her who parades it on TV in front of the whole country escapes prosecution by the RSPCA. And they wonder why public support for the RSPCA is at an all time low?


    Thats disgusting, how can anyone do that to their pet is beyond me!  >:( >:( >:(


    >:(  >:(  >:( Disgraceful – poor dog!!!  :'(


    cruelty! >:( it’s awful! i don’t know what makes people think the pets are happy like that. :'( >:(


    can’t she be reported?  :confused:


    I saw her on tv a while ago, she was arguing with the groomer who said the dog was too fat.  She wasn’t happy but tough is what i say, she cant face the truth so meanwhile her dog dies a slow death because she’s so selfish  :boooo:


    Surely it is not either or, allowing your dog to get obese is cruel. :agree:


    [quote author=*Nick* link=topic=12311.msg238143#msg238143 date=1219760389]
    can’t she be reported?  :confused:

    You’d think so wouldn’t you? It’s been going on long enough for the authorities to have been notified. I will be quite frankly shocked if it turns out the film makers didn’t hand over thier evidence to the authorities against this woman, and what is her vet doing while she’s parading this poor animal on TV shows like a circus freak?

    I seriously hope she isn’t being paid a lot of money by these production companies to appear on film.  >:(


    Mark I watched this months and months ago – so who knows what if anything has happened to her or her poor dog


    i saw that programme it was disgusting :vomit: and that poor dog :-\


    I remember her- arguing with her groomer………….probably the groomer refused to break her back dealing with a dog that fat – silly cow should be ahsamed of herself.


    Poor thing could barely walk – but the owner was justifying it by saying what the dog wants she gets  >:( >:( >:(

    She also said at one point that they got the dog as they couldn’t have kids  🙁

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