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    >:( i dont do angry easily – but am spitting right now – SOMEONE dont know who they are has a PHOTO of MY Diva on their grooming website- is a pic of her on the table beautifully groomed – so ok is a good advert for them but WTF IS MY PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!  >:( >:(

    They been emailed and am waiting for a reply – im hoping its some accident – but dont they check their website surely they must realise thats NOT one they groomed  >:(  >:(

    more i look at it the more it pees me off  :boooo:  :boooo:



    Is it taken from your site?  Are they trying to say it’s their work?  :boooo:


    😮 😮 😮 😮

    The bare cheek of it!!!
    :boooo: :boooo:
    whats the address Suz?? >:D >:D


    Oh mY GOD!!!!! That is outrageous!!!!!

    You need to copyright all your pics and stop them from being copied hun.. that is outrageous

    Reminds me of the time that the nutter put Fritz on her table and claimed to have groomed him.. what a cheek.. she couldn’t brush a yard!!  >:D

    God.. kick ass hun!!!


    shouldnt HAVE to copyright – a persons conscience shouldnt let them do it, did they not think they might not be found out  ???

    and yep i have the pic on my site is one of her on the grooming table – they not saying the groomed it – but is on their photo page so as good as  >:(


    Exactly, it doesn’t say they did but it also doesn’t say they didn’t.  Very misleading because you’d take it for granted they had done that.
    [quote author=xtine link=topic=12661.msg244624#msg244624 date=1223581672]
    You need to copyright all your pics and stop them from being copied hun.. that is outrageous


    Yeah i was thinking about what Jodie is doing to her pics now for protection


    TO be honest i dont care if shes just collected some photos to use or not – why hasnt she asked my permission shes implying she groomed them – that definately NOT ok in my book  >:(


    oh suz thats disgusting :-* some people just have no morals at all


    Val has emailed them too  😉


    good, am sure you can report their site too for copyright infringement!  >:D >:D


    toruble is – you have any idea how long it would take me to copyright ALL those pics – HOURS and i mean hours is hundreds of photos on there, i cant do that ont he website so would have to delete every photo and start again…………………  :'(  :'(


    maybe minpin knows a way off making the whole site safe from picture poachers


    Have seen it hun…. blatantly RUDE!!!  >:D


    what is the site’s link suz?


    wow thats disgusting the whole pic napping aside but false advertising what if they don’t know one end of a dog from the other in grooming terms and are advertising that they can do this that and the other which is essentially what you are doing by putting pics of nicely groomed dogs on your grooming site!

    hope you get it sorted suz!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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