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Oh dear….

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    :-\ Honey hurt her leg this morning – i know she overdid it up the field………..we normally go round once, mainly because as we get to the back end of the field she goes nuts and races around on her own rounding me up (a collie would be proud  :yes:  ::) ) so once she done that is normally enough – well today she had a little terrier friend to run around with – all good hes only ten months and she kept up  ::) but i was just about to go home and customer turned up  -so walked round again with her……….not sure exactly how she done it but turned round and shes holding it up -same lleg as always……..then she decided she was pooped and just laid down……had to be carried back.

    Just a bit sad – gone are the days when she could do 3/4  hours with Buster – shes getting old  :-\


    Know the feeling Tam is 10 in June 🙁
    Hope she is better soon :-*
    Not nice to ask a Diva her age but how old is she?


    Just read your post in gossip about Tam  :-*

    She must be about 9 now or not far off, never had a proper birthdate for her…………but that legs always bothered her for about the last 3 years? Vets done xrays – nothing showed apparently.


    At least I know what Tam’s problem is, arthritis 🙁 🙁


    Poor little man  🙁 I suspect thats Honey sproblems – but i dont know is normally noticeable when she over does it – i had to cut exercise in half when it started and since i did that hardly had a problem…..but she def overdid it today  🙁


    :'( poor Honey.. old age is no fun is it?  :boooo:  :boooo:
    do you give her glucosamine? is that what i mean?


    Yep well used to – didnt make any difference well not noticeably….had her on st johns wort for a while a while back though must be a year but it all settled for a while now….


    I know Bev has a good arthritis thing with glucosamine and turmeric (or something like that) Rafe on Glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM tabs (£15 for 180 if I remember from healthy direct or something like taht) coz he has probable OCD in front legs – he not had a proper limp now for about 12 months, and if he overdone it (16 mile run with my mum did it recently) and a bit sore I just give him a couple extra tabs for a couple days and it TOTALLY better.  I know he a wee whippersnapper, but it helps him, might help your guys a bit…

    Hope Honey Diva gets better soon (and Tam, too Lassie).


    Poor Honey  :-* :-*

    Have you tried the Arnica and Rhus Tox pillthings Suz? Am sure Val will be online to advise you though hon :-*


    WOndering if she should be having anything now?

    Will see what Bev and Val say re both those things then  🙂

    Thanks both  :-*


    get some pics of her , four sqaure and a vid of her walking  🙂


    Hmm i posted couple pics the other day- no chance of getting a vid sorry! Can try with pics in the morning maybe when we go walkies….


    Did you?  :-[ Never saw them, sorry  :-[ :-[


    I think you did  :-* in the pics from my sisters – not sure she was standing though cant remember now.


    Oh those ones?!

    She was mostly lying down gettin all the attention  😀 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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