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Old injury, slight lameness

dogclub – Good dog food – Good for dogs Forums Dogs Health Old injury, slight lameness

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    Ok, this time last year Griffon picked up an injury from something sharp he trod on, our vets thought it was most likely a discarded syringe that went up into his foot between the pads and nicked the sheath around the tendon. It has caused some scarring to the sheath apparently, its a bit like a carpal tunnel effect in humans and is slowly pulling up his middle claw on that foot. The vet said it most likely wont cause him too much problem but she would just like to keep an eye on it in case it pulls his middle toe up too far and gets uncomfortable for him. I have noticed that he is sometimes a little lame on that leg and he will quite often favour it. After resting after a long walk he is noticeably stiff on that leg.

    My question is, is there anything I can do for him or give him that might help him in any way? Poor ickle man seems to be stiff after every walk these days  🙁


    i know its not the same thing but this is my new programe for Cleo

    Cle is 9 ish and has quite bad artheritis in her both her front sholders – the vets put it down to being malnurished as a youngster

    she did have glucosomine, msn etc etc – and to be honest she just didnt seem to do well on it at all – it just really didnt seem to suit her

    so in January time i ditched it all and started adding Cider Apple Vinegar to her diet and  – she also wears a magnetic collar –  and shes been as sound as she was 5 years ago – im really impressed with the results and its been damp weather as well because that triggered her artheritis as well
    odviouslly if she does a bit much then she gets stiff but thats to be expected really and if shes really bad then i will add a half dose of metacam on her dinner and that seems to sort it out


    i have one crippled dog on previcox, flexadin and cani:feli artril (last one seems to have made most difference – has got all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff like devils claw, bears garlic, willow, fish cartilage, omega 3&6 – but when i tried conconcting it my own way didn’t work  :-\ ) – that’s for severe knee arthritis.

    other crippled dog with mysterious front legs, and back legs with spondylosis and disc problems is on low dose tramadol (third of what it was) and has just started plt – which actually seems to be kicking in.

    but none of that is probably helpful because if it is tendon \ carpal tunnel type damage then it’s not arthritis based. in humans i think they use either steroid injections round the tendons or surgery – great aunt had carpal tunnel surgery. i would have thought physio\hydro\massage type things to keep it gently mobile would be more beneficial than drugs.  :-\

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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