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    Went to a dog show on Saturday and it was our first competition at Grade 5! We managed a 9th in the agility out of 94 dogs! Would have been a bit higher if I hadnt got lost half way around the course! Ollie just stood and looked at me!! Still he had a great time! If he had a better handler he would be much higher up the grades by now!!! poor boy is stuck with me!!


    well done 9th out of 94 was great  ;D  :ok:
    I love agility- the best bit for me is when me and my girly (labrador) enter and people think….. oh not a labrador, they r thick slow etc, but then are shocked because she is incredibly fast and can run the course just as well as the others  ;D ;D :butt:


    wow that’s so cool. well done  :ok:


    Wow! Well done Ollie!  :-*


    9th out of 94 is incredible :yes: you should be really proud :-*


    Well done the pair of you 😀


    well done.. that’s a fantastic result  :yes:  :-*


    thats amazing well done!!


    Had another show today! We came 6th out of 74 dogs!! Really pleased and he has had some extra biccis and is sleeping infront of the fire!!


    Well done  ;D


    awww well done boyo hugs from me…dont tell ‘her’ you had hugs first  :-*

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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