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    We came 3rd in grade 5 agility yesterday and now we have enough points for Ollie’s agility warrant GOLD!!!! So Ollie is now……Turbo ollieboo AWG!!

    Very pleased with him and quite thankful that we didn’t win the class as that would have put us into Grade 6!!

    On a different note – We have just had visitors and Meg did snoozie blanket for the whole time they were here! progress!!!


    Well done to the three of you ;D


    Congratulations on all that  ;D


    Wow, well done!  Muchus respect for Dr Ollie the Collie!

    And muchus jealousy for amazing snoozie session!


    Very well done. I have always thought it unfair that, until recently, other than showing or Working Trials dogs which were consistently successful had nothing to show for it.  Now Agility has warrants and Obedience and HWTM can have “ex”s after their dogs names too.


    well done Ollie and Meg and mummy 😀

    do we get a piccie of clever ollie celebrating ?


    well done  :-* thats fab!  :yes:


    Well done to all three of you! That’s great news ;D

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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