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    Ok please tell me I am being stupid here. I had an elderly lurcher staying with me for a fortnight after his mum had a heart attack. Henry is about 10-12 years old now and has spent at least 2 years of his life living as a stray before he went to live with my friend, at some stage he was possibly hit by a car as one of his front legs is twisted and bowed out. Now for the last 6 months or so hes had very little exercise due to my friends ailing health so being with me and my lot was a bit of a culture shock for him I think and he was suffering loads from stiffness especially on that front leg after a walk. Ive been giving mine omega 3 caps for a while now and I was giving them to him as well. Ive just got off the phone to his owner and I suggested I buy him some and maybe some look into getting him something like glucosamine as well but she has just got me a little worried saying that dogs should have a lower dosage omega 3 to humans as otherwise it can do more damage than good. This IS the woman who told me I would make my dogs aggressive by giving them raw food but I just want to make positively sure now. And if I do get Henry some glucosamine what strength should it be?


    The dosage for glucosamine is 500mg/25 lbs of body weight and the dosage of chondroitin is about 400mg/25 lbs of body weight.
    You can’t really over dose as these are safe medicines but thats the recommended doses.
    Val :ok:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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