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    Hi all, as you know Toby is a problem pee pee-er, the last three weeks of him being on the steroids has naturally meant drinking a lot more, then peeing a lot more and he has had a few accidents.  This and he still has the odd accident, about twice a month without any tablets/bouts of illness.

    Soooo, weve got a cream carpet throughout, not my choice was here when we came, and large areas look odd, they not dirty because I always clean em thoroughly, but they are looking decidedly off colour.  Want to hire a cleaning machine, has anyone done this and would you recommend it?  How difficult is it?

    Also after advice on alternatives, eventually we will want to replace the carpets, what colour would show up little accidents, vomit etc the least?

    Thanks guys!


    If you need to shampoo regularly, I’d recommend one of these.
    For £90 it does a really professional kob and you don’t have the hassle of hiring all the time.

    I’ve got Karndean now – a posh vinyl – but I used to have cream carpet from these people
    They used to advertise in the dog papers as “Piddleproof Carpets”!  I had my light carpet down for 9 years with dogs, pups and all that goes with it and they cleaned up like new.


    I’ve just got new carpets, did have cream and they were minging so gone for a darker beige/brown colour this time and its a loop/natural pile rather than a twist so should wear well!  ;D

    I’ve not got a carpet cleaner, we’ve used the Rug Doctor before that you hire from Homebase – that was ok  🙂 I have heard the Bissell cleaners are very good though  🙂


    I have the same cleaner as Rough love the cleaner love the company  ;D


    or if you are feeling rich you can get the same one as me https://www.bissell-secure.co.uk/site/product.php?prodID=1046&PHPSESSID=8fd19f75de4f0a4c305fbdc3dded2a36

    only problem is – i darnt put anything other than bissell shampoo in it and its so expensive as well

    ive just got brand new carpets – its rubber backed hard wearing shop carpet  😀


    Ooh, they’ve come down in price over the years 😮 I was expecting loads more for the one Val and Rough have got, will tell Alex, seems like a better investment in the short term, we will try it out as a hire first I think and hopefully it can restore our current carpets, then we will know to buy one, but they look really bad, fingers crossed. 
    And as an on average [am a researcher!] you lot have had loads of dogs how often do you guys have to clean up different kinds of doggy mess?  Toby is obv more frequent than others but got nothing to compare to in terms of other people’s dogs never having an accident, or monthly or more often?  Just curious to have something to compare to you see!


    Your model is available re-con for £159 Wags!  ;D


    It’s been a long time since I have had any accidents in the house but I do clean the carpets at least twice a year, I have five hairy dogs strutting there stuff everyday it’s my first job in the spring because by then they have had the beach and Durlston spread on them by 24 feet without visitors munching across them plus a few friends dogs.

    Wags you can buy that machine for £159.00 as a recon



    mine was from argos  😀

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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