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    Saw the advert on ITV this evening, looks interesting 🙂
    So it starts next Tuesday


    First programme about Met Dogs, then others.


    I saw a trailer for this today & it looks good, i’ll be watching it tomorrow night. (i think it’s on tomorrow)


    Its on now!  🙂


    it clashs with holby :'( :'(


    LOL guess who is sitting in the armchair watching the telly? She’s transfixed on the screen.  ;D


    [quote author=kerrie and stan link=topic=11970.msg230553#msg230553 date=1216149101]
    it clashs with holby :'( :'(

    Pffffftttt!  No contest  ::)


    Yep watching it  🙂


    Cant watch the dog attacks far too distressing that poor GSD  :'(

    Didnt realise it was going to show that or wouldnt have watched  :'(

    Dont mind the rest, is fascinating but the staff/pitbull attacks, I cant watch.


    Imagine if that was your dog, walking down the street, then bam!  Absolutely helpless  :'( :'(


    Exactly what crossed my mind, and I been there and I know how hard they hang on – just cant watch it  :'(


    I virgin+ it, so I’m watching now. Joe got a bit excited and is now quietly watching the telly.


    That was horrific to watch. The poor dog didn’t have a chance. I get so bloody angry at thjese idiots who think it’s hard to make dogs fight like that. I think they should get bitten to teach them a lesson about what it feels like to be ripped apart like that.

    It’s just wrong.  >:( I don’t know what on earth i’d do in that situation because Cass will not fight back. Yesterday we walked along the high street and some bloke was on his phone with his back to us & he had the biggest English Bull Terrier i ever saw – it lunged at Cass so hard that it spun the man round and choked itself on it’s collar. It really upset me because it’s other people who are not responsible with thier dogs, his dog was so aggressive that it wanted blood yet there he was not even watching for people walking past, no muzzle, no apology – and people complain about Rottweilers being vicous??


    Just watched it, the spanners looking for guns/drugs were brilliant, funny seeing a tail on a spanner though.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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