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    Here is our new addition at one day old!  Can anyone guess what she is?  (Sorry Sue, you can’t play! :-*)

    [img width=468 height=289]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/emmyandme33/Mousekaypups041008002.jpg[/img]


    is it a pug  ;D


    Oi! you!! :educated: was it that obvious!!  ::) 😀



    two weims and a puppy – are you insane  ;D

    it is a snack for the shadows isnt it  ;D


    so tell more – name etc etc  ;D

    I remember when you contacted me cos you were looking for weim puppy and you were so scared you wouldnt cope – how things have changed  ;D

    Hope she brings you hunners of joy

    Cant wait for the pics when you get her home


    show them the fat boys!!!  ;D ;D she’s super sweet, am sure you told me her name ages ago but i cant remember. When does Eleanor start ringcraft then!


    Nah! not me!! :sick:  She’s the new Junior Handling dog as Blu was sacked!! 😀

    Her name is Tilly.  She is currently 6 weeks old and we will be bringing her home in two weeks.  I can’t claim full ownership on her as she will be Eleanor’s dog too! (don’t worry Honey, Eleanor still loves you too!)

    A friend of mine has bred her as she shows her two pugs.  She also has a weim and a gsp too!  She will be the perfect size dog for Eleanor and Molly to use without the stress of being dragged out of the ring! :scared:


    lol Sue!! I will try and upload the photos and put them on.

    We have a while before she can be entered for shows but Eleanor is practising with an empty lead at the mo!! 😀


    so wheres she from breeder etc – hun she is GORGEOUS and perfect for Eleanor who is just fab with the pooches  :yes:  :-*

    Oh will you bring her up to see me once shes old enough – pleaaaaaaaase or I will drive down – you havent moved yet have you  ;D


    This was my friend’s first litter, she has a male and female but used another male (her male’s brother from another litter) to sire the pups.  I will have get back to you with names as I am so poo at remembering them! :embarrass:

    Of course we will bring her up to show you!! ;D No not moved yet but have a feeling we will have to soon!! 😀


    😀 you all bursting out the seams of your house!! down your way a week on monday working – you live edge of copnor right? sure I drive past your road fairly regular  😀

    Bet Eleanor and Molly are SO excited  ;D you do know they wont sleep the night before you go get her  😀


    😮  You’re getting a puppy!!! How exciting!!  She’s beautiful, that little pink nose  :-* :-*


    oh bless. she’s gorgeous! Looking forward to lots of pics when she comes home  :yes:  :yes: :-*


    Awww she’s soooo weeny  ;D bless and congratulations, can’t wait to see more pics of her  ;D


    She is gorgeous,good luck 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)
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