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    tis sad  :'(….so very sad …but it is happening more and more with the finance problems the country is facing…and it all very well the rspca saying insurance…but insurance is one of the reasons vet fee’s are so high and when push comes to shove and budgets have to be re done …for many families its the first thing to go…

    run free ….pain all gone now  🙁


    :'( so sad, poor dog  :'(


    Just got Tam/Willow’s insurance through, the excess is now £80 which counts out claiming for anything but the most serious problems. People get insurance because they can’t afford big bills then the excess is so high and in most cases you have to pay the vet then claim the money back from the insurers  ::)

    quote :

    but it is happening more and more with the finance problems the country is facing…and it all very well the rspca saying insurance…but insurance is one of the reasons vet fee’s are so high and when push comes to shove and budgets have to be re done …for many families its the first thing to go…

    (I  know you don’t mean it this way Bev  :-* )

    No, there are no ‘but’ for things like these. There are things you can try and things you just do not do, ever.This is one of those that does not deserve the word ‘but’. This is one of those things that one just does not do. And nothing can justify it. No ‘but’, no ‘should have’. It is something you don’t do, nothing can justify or bring a milder view to something like this. This you don’t do period.


    But…it is what is happening diesel…and no ..no one should do it. ..period …but….

    families stretched financially…main wage earners losing jobs, partners trying to make ends meet by taking 3 or 4 low paid jobs  so the home life breaks down…, kids to feed, mortgage to pay, bills to meet, household stress at high level, communication breakdown within the family unit….insurance gets cancelled, dog falls seriously sick, cant afford vet fee’s …racked with shame and guilt…but there are other priorities etc etc…rescues centres are full to over flowing with dogs from homes going through this…not saying nec. that this is what happened with this dog…maybe…maybe not…but it a fact and insurance is what has made vet fees so high…and until there is some sort of ‘banding’ for treatments then it wont get any better….
    Remember the Worcester 6 ? The 6 clumbers dumped in the middle of nowhere.. we tried to save colin? ….clumber rescue is a damn good rescue….only shame at the dogs’  conditions and shear desperation would drive someone to do dump like that….sometimes folk’s emotions go wonky…can’t see the wood for the trees…..we …as in you and I and the members of this forum have a passion for our dogs, that’s why we belong to these forums…they are family…our life…I would starve before I let one of mine suffer as would you…..but for many that passion is not there in the same way….their priorities are different …I see this all the time….I once went to a house where the dog was being a total and utter nightmare…really bad boyo…man had been made redundant and had not worked for 3 years….wife was cleaning offices 4  – 7am ….7 – 11pm to make ends meet…man had managed to get 5 days temp work and as the kids hadn’t had a holiday or a break of any kind and all their hobby and sport activities had had to stop…they decided to take them to blackpool for 2 nights…but then dog did something really bad and it was either a behaviourist or put into rescue or pts…so they had a family con flab and the children were the driving force in deciding the bit of cash they had managed to put by had to be spent on the dog….their passion and love for the dog and their commitment to him meant they were prepared to forego the trip….but not all think and behave that way…for many parents it would have been ‘kids come first’ for many kids it would have been ‘mememe’

    That’s the way I meant it ….. 🙂

    They had both by the way in the end …they got dog sorted and went to blackpool….

    quote :

    That’s the way I meant it …..

    I know you did  :-* , that’s why i started with i know you don’t mean it this way  😉 .

    I know i’m radical in stuff like this  :-\ . Just …. childabuse and animalabuse is something i can not digest. kids and animals don’t have much to say, are defenceless and easy to brainwash. You chose to have them? Than you take care of them. And i got a huge problem with people that don’t. It is just something ‘not done’. Once a person does that, he’s worth nothing in my eyes. Sure there might once every so now and than be circumstances that work in the favour of those that done it. Yet ultimately……. they knew exactly what they were at when they chose it.

    I am so radical about it, because i need to be…. for me.
    I don’t want any thought about stuff like this that i could possible identify myself with. I really don’t want to know why or how. I just don’t want to go there.


    i hate to see animals suffer and i hate reading about things like this but there are cases (especially in the current climate) were it is a choice between bills, human food and dog care/ food and there are times were the dog care has had to come second to the bills. we do not know the back story to this poor dog so in my oppinion can not make a harsh decition (sp?) about the owners.
    yes there is no excuse for it to be this bad but love is blind and some owners dont see or want to achnowledge what is right infront of them because it is too painfull.
    when i had my pup mattie i fought with the vets and insurance company to get him seen to but because the vets wouldnt claim straight from the insurance i struggled, i went without food for several days at a time and there were times that i had to feed a little bit less to the dogs for a day or two just so that i could cover the bills. i have over £1,500 worth of debt that is still being paid off (over 1year later) because of the vets. it took 3 months of fighting with the vets before they would claim straight from the insurance, i was told that the treatment that my pup needed was only available on the mainland and that they required payment to be made on full at the time, this was impossible for me to do and because of that i had to let my boy go.

    i dont condone what these owners did to the poor dog but having been in a bad situation myself i cant pass judgement without knowing something about the reason why

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