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    I’ve just come across this site
    :what:  Surely this isn’t a mutation?  They look like collie X’s! The black and white one is a ‘rare breed CH in Canada’  :whatever:


    I agree Foxy :yes:
    collie/GSD cross – common mongrels ;D


    Its a genetic mutation in the line – she says so on this page


    If, as they say, it is a genetic mutation, unless it was hugely dominant – which I don’t gather that it is, or else all of Frankie’s puppies would be “panda”, then it’s not exactly a good idea to go selectively breeding for it.  The gene pool (of one original maternal line – Frankie’s) is obviously tiny, and although Frankie may be in good health, it’s never a good idea to breed for a rare coat colour, as a few generations down the line, healthwise, things could get v messy.

    This is why yellow flat-coats, although in existence (and very pretty), are not allowed to be registered as flat-coats, and are not to be bred from.


    Yellow flatcoats are not a mutation strictly speaking but a result of dilution when breeding livers with livers; somebody on a flat coat bench pointed to my LHW and said “oh a dilute FCR” I said “I don’t think so”!


    I understand they aren’t a mutation.  The point was that they’re rare.  They’re a recessive colour type.  They can come from any mix as long as the recessive gene is carried by both parents, black or liver, and certainly not just liver to liver.

    Last year’s gundog group winner – Almanza Far and Flyg (black FCR) sired a yellow puppy in one of his litters.

    Because of their rarity it was decided that by allowing them to be registered as FCRs would possibly cause people to breed specifically for yellow (they VVVV cute!), which, because of the rarity, rised a potential for limiting the gene pool and causing health problems.

    This is a really interesting site from a family who have a yellow FCR.  Very informative if you’re interested in the breed generally…


    I mean Almana Far and Flyg was his grandad!  oops!


    So yellows in FCRs are like yellows in labs then?


    Yep, they’re not a dilution.

    But it’s a recessive gene in Flatties.  That link up there has some good stuff on it, and it has links to other authorities on it.

    It also informs that if you cross a flattie with a golden, there’s quite a high likelihood for a yellow pupster to come out, whereas with a lab, because they come in both yellow and black, the incidence of yellow puppies would be smaller.

    Sad thing is that in some cases the yellow pups are culled because the owners don’t want people who are buying for breeding stock to be aware their dogs might be carrying the yellow gene. 

    Despite this there are no moves to “breed out” the yellow gene because of the risk of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  Health-wise they carry no major faults that aren’t present in blacks or livers, so it’s just about the colour of their coats.


    I don’t want to just copy the pic of him, but here’s the link to the picture of their yellow FCR

    At first glance he looks like a golden, but he has the unmistakable head of a flattie, and his body shape is all flat-coat.


    WOW! He’s gorgeous!!  Nice site too  🙂


    yes saw something about these Panda Shepherds a few months ago ::) Not nice at all :-X


    i never knew u could get yellow flaties thanks for the links

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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