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    Pedigrees for rescue are 5 gen pedigrees done over the top of a photo of your dog. I do the work for a donation to SBT rescue in UK. All donations are paid to the rescue by you via the donate button on their websites. I will do any Breed of dog not just SBT’s. To see some examples please go to my website and look in the gallery or look in the Pedigrees 4 rescue album on our facebook page

    This is available worldwide as all the information can be sent to me via email and all finished pedigrees will be sent to you the same way.


    Welcome to the board Kim  ;D


    Hiya and welcome and what a lovely idea!!


    Fab idea and for such a great cause  ;D

    Welcome to the board Kim  :ok:


    Thanks everyone, there has been over £200 raised since Jan/Feb via Facebook friends and word of mouth .. Any help spreading the word on these would be great so tell your friends/family/neighbours etc  ;D
    Feel free to pass the links on so people can see examples and contact me for more info  🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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