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    My 4.5 month old irish setter has never cried at night when she needs to go out, and as a result she is peeing in her bed almost every night.  While it’s been lovely to have a puppy that doesn’t wake us up I’m not sure how to train her out of it.  Last night I tried getting up at 1am to take her out and she peed, but when I got up again just after five she had already peed in her bed again.  She sleeps in a crate with vetbed.

    Edited to add that she is pretty good during the day but does tend to make a dash for the back door when she needs to go out.  Occasionally she will pee on the mat if I am not on hand to let her out straight away.  She was the smallest of the litter, and is quite a bit behind her siblings in weight terms, so it could be that her bladder isn’t as developed as you’d expect for a pup of her age.


    have a read through the cubert clumber thread…it will give you a possible idea as to why..when you have read it..come back with a bit more info about how you have been doing housetraining from day one… 🙂


    Thanks will do, but could you give me a clue as where to find this thread.  A search didn’t seem to bring up anything relevant.


    I have skimmed though as much of the thread as I can and am guessing that the problem is that because she didn’t cry at night we have never established the ask.  How do we achieve that now?  She is not a very vocal puppy at all.  During the day she will run to the back door, but if we are not around to let her out she doesn’t whine or bark.




    bump this someone once i go off thx


    bumpety bump  :yes:


    ok so…am i understanding correctly…that because she didnt cry at night or you didnt hear her you didnt get up in the first few nights? not having a go hun just need to know the history so we can see what we dealing with  🙂

    and …are using / did you use pee pads…and if so did you put them in the crate?


    Yes, because she didn’t cry I didn’t get up to start with.  It never occurred to me that she wouldn’t cry, so I just slept through.  All my other puppies have let me know in no uncertain terms when they needed to go out.

    I’ve never used pee-pads.  Are they any good?


    ok….i guess that mum had been dealing with this…

    and no…no pee pads  🙂

    what you now need to do is go back to basics…set alarm for every 2 hours …get up and to begin with dont speak until you outside then cue the go wee wee (or whatever your cue is) and as she squats re-enforce with good wee wee and as she gets up then big big huge reward..big social appraisal and a titbit..then quietly back to bed…do that for a few nights try and not get an extinction so timing is crucial..sorry hun you in for a few disturbed nights… :sleepy:  :sleepy:  :yes:

    when that going ok and she been dry a few nights before you go start to add the ‘want out’ as you head for the door…then do same as above…when you got that then start to make the ‘want out?’ more of an activity you need a response..a wow a bark a yesyesyes please now as in now mum please…whatever that response is that is what you need to trap for the asking….and work on that in the daytime….get it fixed…so
    eventually you will have 2 cues
    want out?
    go wee wee….

    ok with me…it hard to type as it depends on that response….cuebert now wowwows and hits door with paw as he arrives at it…saying for doGs sake hurry up… 🙂

    good luck..keep us informed as to how it going …drink lots of coffee…will keep you awake  ;D


    I got up and took her out for a pee at 2am and 5am and her bed stayed dry all night.  :ok:


    ;D  keep with it soon you will be reducing it to one stop then last one at bedtime and up in morning  ;D

    Okay here’s one for  you to ponder – bit off topic but not quite – Nacho sleeps right through – has wee before he goes to bed and gets up when I get up  ;D  Good boy nacho – click treat  :gum:

    However if he is in Scotland he gets up every night at 2am for a pee – like clockwork  :confused:  Now on his last night in Scotland I went to see him before I went over to Jamesys (pooch stayed with Andy) Andy said he never got up at all that night  :confused:  No such thing as a coincidence in my book – does he get up with Andy at 2am cos he can, cos andy has reinforced it but on seeing me he slept right through – I didnt stay at house but was seeing me before bedtime enough  ??? to reinforce sleeping right through


    exc jenni..good and well done

    mudge…tell you what now you a behaviour student…you answer clear as clear as  😉


    mudgie pack manager


    bev or mudgie explain for me please – Buster will get my mum and dad up often during the night – well early hours of am – but if they go away – he never does with me? why?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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