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    we had a couple of threads going about this


    Good I cant agree with pets being rented out  🙁


    thats good, were they not trying to open something in the UK?


    was reading my kennel gazette today (judges choice the GSP  ;D ) and it says in the scottish parlt robert brown msp has tabled a motion calling on scottish government to consider banning dog rental companies – contact msp and ask them to sign motion S3M-02005 Dog rental companies.

    in westminster, david drew has tabled EDM along similar lines, so if in england write to mp asking them to sign EDM 1699.


    would gladly rent out misty to anyone wanting to walk her 🙂


    she not got a home yet Claire?


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=11911.msg229576#msg229576 date=1215640300]
    she not got a home yet Claire?

    Bet she stays at Claire’s, she has got her paws well under the table ;D



    not even a niffle of a home for my gorgeous baby angel *mwah*

    stay here – not a bit of it !!  I can say “no” because a dog isnt suitable, or because i have a foster dog already, or because of some other serious reason – but because i’m too selfish to let her go so that others can come into the warm … no thats not for me and I know my limits I could not cope with another dog in my pack here.  I dont know enough for one thing.

    claire x


    aww sorry theres no interest in her  :'( her perfect owners out there somewhere  :-*

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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