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    yep …we had to put block on pinky noses  🙂


    one thing that really irritates me in this weather

    dogs walking on tarmac – it get HOT very hot  >:( the number of people you see out walking dogs on tarmac in the bright sun drives me mad

    we try not to go out much in weather like this – none of us like it esp Meggie moo


    Yep we cream the beardie nose parting, I have all my dogs exercised before seven in the morning this time of year the Pekes hate the heat but still need their run, the beardies are not so bad they are used to working in the heat but as Eshia is an old lady plus we live in Adder country they are in and out very early.

    I have put five Yes five buckets of water outside the gate today not little buckets it’s the big black ones you get at the horse shops just for the grockles dogs.
    All I can say is thank doG they are banned on the beach otherwise they would have them down there sun bathing as well.



    We put the cold air fan on for our two last night, Willow went outside so I turned it off. She came back in, looked at the fan looked at me until it was turned back on ::)
    I have 3 – 4 bowls of water scattered round the garden for the cats and dogs, the wild birds use them too.


    Thats a very good point Wags.. hadn’t thought of that …

    we waiting till very late to go out again. Fritz has had his shower in the back garden again.. dried off in mins tho  :-\


    i tend to wait till its late – dogs only getting 1 walk at the moment  :-[


    [quote author=wags link=topic=12093.msg232739#msg232739 date=1217180163]
    i tend to wait till its late – dogs only getting 1 walk at the moment   :-[

    So do mine 😉


    We are out early am too before it gets too hot. And often advising customers to use sun cream on their dogs – same for cats too.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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