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    just tried changing my avatar wiyh no success as you can see??!!
    so tried picture in text box and it did it  ???

    oh well


    how you trying to put the pic in your avatar? i find it best for avatar to upload from your pc not from photobucket?


    that must be the problem suz,  i tried photobucket. i thought thats how idid it before but i cant remember.

    so how do i do it?


    ok you must have the pic saved in your pic right? so tick the i will upload my own picture and click browse this will open up your files etc – then its a case of finding it. Otherwise tick the I have my own pic then use image from photobucket – but think you need the direct link not the img code…….hang on going to try!


    yep go into forum profile information – tick the i have my own picture box then paste the DIRECT  LINK from under your photobucket image – it works i tried lol!


    yey!! ;D ;D ;D

    i was doing (again and again) the img that said for forums.

    thanks suz, wouldnt have got that ina million years. and will no doubt forget in future.

    abit stretched though (no pleasing me  :laugh:)


    its a gorgeous pic of him – and now you have this posted here next time you want to change it you can just check here  😉  ;D


    good idea Suz, i did look at the stickys how to post pictures but it must be out of date. i used it for the first pic.

    thanks again for your help. :ok:


    If you want the picture to appear on here then at all you need to do is put at the end. You can see what i mean if you quote the one i did of your horse.  😉


    put what? :confused:

    i dont understand it because i did the same as when i put the photo of max up, and that worked fine.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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