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    mo is pickling for xmas  ::) says she has left it late  ::) we all gagging here in vinegar steam…val dont you dare say it good for the bronchial tract  ;D

    red cabbage


    …thing is…we going to be at nics this year…new baby grandson and all that…and nics sister and partner has left the cold scottish north and moved down here to be near them…and nics dad is coming down too…so…finally…not at our house…nice !!!

    she still thinks she needs to pickle tho… ::) told her it just a habit…dump it  ;D


    i dont like pickles yuk yuk yuk


    mmmm we love pickles here.  My nan normally makes us jars of pickled onions but I think she has decided at the age of 91 its got a bit too much.


    Fraid i dont go much on anything thats pickled lol!

    Were all going to my mums for xmas – they just moved sold house bought static home at a beautiful park near me am jealous would love one but they only allow one dog so boohoo to them haha! but were all going me aeryn and the dogs, my sis her partner and their little baby tommy, and my nan and grandad 😀


    Like pickles, Mum did onions every year but I couldn’t stay in the room while she did them, made my eyes stream


    My Grandma would make pickles from small cucumbers out of Grandaddy’s garden–so tart they brought a tear to my eye as a child, but could’t resist several pieces in VERY small bites.  :hungry:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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