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    nice twist on an old trick 😉 could help with Kiz’s lift


      :surprise: thats great! 😀 ;D anybody know how he taught him to do that?


    [quote author=dogloverwoooo! link=topic=13990.msg264729#msg264729 date=1238250928]
      :surprise: thats great! 😀 ;D anybody know how he taught him to do that?

    Not a clue, like to see Kiz do that with a Clumber >:D ;D


    Very funny  ;D


    😀 brilliant


    hehe wow thats amazing no idea how thats done cant even begin to think !!!


    That’s v funny!!



    Thats brill!  😀


    ROFLOL thats brilliant  😀  😀



    it is a sustained behaviour that has been developed and moved on….brose would do it..obviously not in my arms but only because i couldnt have lifted her… 🙂

    you all gone back to what the human percieves as the behaviour…ie the lying still ‘freeze’ …the end result ….but for the dog it is the doing …the going into the lying still ‘freeze’…he has added the flop in arms…be interesting to see if dog would do if on a chair or stand ing on floor…..that dog really trusts person…to do it at that criteria is a huge success…you can see the dog is stressed with the stage set…noise lights action…but still followed the cue..possible he got it at the classical stage …which i suspect as that criteria is high…

    so you tell me how you think it can be cued in  🙂

    i think it is meg…olliethecollie’s lass that does a good play dead…is that right hils? is it yours i have seen do it…?


    No, not meg, ollie does it tho! We are working on the sustain! I point and say bang and he lies on his back! Not sure i could do it with him in my arms! Meg would be light enough tho!


    ah…bless yes i remember now it was ollie  🙂


    Honeys light enough to do it  :yes: she does a good play dead on the floor, something like play dead she lays flat on her side – wagging her tail  >:D so i say proper dead and she lays still  -dont ask how we worked that one 😀


    Jess does a play dead (on floor) on her back with her tounge out and eyes crossed  :crazy:  😀

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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