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    Hi there

    I have received the following and would appreciate it if you could read and cross post it far and wide:

    From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: 05 March 2009 16:35


    Dear Doglover

    I wonder if I can ask you for your help to find our missing Bracco Italiano Jacob, who has been missing since 21st January 2009, some 6 weeks ago now in the Saffron Walden Area (CB11)

    Jacob went missing on a walk after chasing deer, and has only been vaguely sighted twice since.
    We as his owners are desperate to alert people to him being missing, purely in case you should see him in your area, hear about him through your customer base, or just by going about your day to day business.

    Jacob is a very distinctive, rare breed dog and therefore hopefully all the more easily spotted.
    At this time we are unsure if Jacob has now found his way into the wrong hands after his initially being lost, and therefore we are emailing further afield his normal area.
    We are hoping that as he is microchipped he will be found through that should he get to a rescue centre, but we are now being told that not all centres (especially the smaller volunteers centres) have scanners ?
    Or some do not scan too well.  We therefore have taken to emailing everyone we can possibly find to show them Jacob, and ask that they check the dogs they have, just in case.

    We would be eternally grateful to you if you would pass or display the attached poster in your rescue centre or kennels, or pass to anyone and everyone you feel could then help pass it on themselves.
    The internet is a fabulous medium for spreading the word, and we hope that through it we can gain back some vital information as to where Jacob is…….

    We are heartbroken that we haven’t been able to find our lovely boy despite much time and effort spent looking, we are absolutely desperate to know where he is and won’t rest until we find our boy.

    With much Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, and apologies too if this is more than the 1st email we’ve sent. Forgive us, we are just desperate to be making people aware he is still missing.

    Shelley & Jon Haggerwood
    Tel Home 01763 838954
    Mobiles 07828 671550 07986 881060

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    The latest update:

    quote :

    From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: 12 March 2009 11:47

    Subject: Please help

    Hello friends

    As you may already know, we have been desperately trying to find our missing dog Jacob, a male Bracco Italiano who has been missing since 21st Jan.

    I know you have most probably had numerous emails from either me, or our friends who are helping in our search, but right now I am writing to you as the focus of our search has changed.

    On Monday evening we had a call from a lady on a mobile (number was shown) and who told us they have Jacob. The call was short, as if she was disturbed and had to go.

    We have desperately tried in vain to get to speak to the person on the mobile number again, many (many) times and left messages and pleas for this person to get back in touch with us.

    I have additionally sent texts to the phone asking for them to let us know he is okay, to take him somewhere ‘safe’ for us to get him, and asking if it’s about reward money.

    So far, the phone rings and is aborted to answerphone every time one of us calls.

    I am told that hoaxers do not usually show their mobile number, it kind of defeats the object of them calling up. Knowing this obviously adds to our concerns for our boy.

    We have contacted the police, who seem helpless (or is that unwilling) in being able to trace the callers mobile due to their “certain criteria”. This shocking lack of help just makes this all the more upsetting. If Jacob were a motorbike or car, then the ‘criteria’ would be helpful no doubt.

    So, yet again I find I am left with no alternative than to take the matter into my own hands, and therefore I am asking you to email Jacob’s details to as many people as you can, and keep an eye out for him in your rescue, or at work or around your local area.

    He could turn up just about anywhere now.

    If you know of rescues (large or small) in your area, can I ask you to please kindly send them the email to make them aware of Jacob’s plight. I have tried to cover all areas but cannot guarantee to know all the smaller rescues that I need to contact.

    We all send those chain letter “send to 8 friends” emails round like wildfire, and I hope that we can do the same here but for more of a purpose.

    Someone must know about Jacob, and through word of mouth we hope that it can feed back to us of any information of his whereabouts.

    We are just utterly desperate to find him.

    I really do appreciate your time is precious, so Thank You for reading this and passing it on to anyone and everyone you feel can help us spread the word.

    Kind regards & Thanks
    Shelley Haggerwood

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