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    The Royal Veterinary College in London is carrying out foetal tissue
    research on Cavalier brains in the hope that it will be helpful in
    relation to SM – and should be helpful for humans too, at the end of
    the day. Cavalier breeders have been pretty good about phoning me
    when they can contribute, but the researchers are now asking if I can
    find them other spaniels to use as comparative tissue.

    Please could anyone who has any still born whelps of any kind of
    spaniel, aborted whelps, or whelps that die within 48 hours of birth,
    get in touch with me? Or if you have friends who do, please ask them
    to? If you keep the tissue cold (fridge is the best place) I can get
    a kit to you within 24 hours – there is nothing horribly gruesome,
    it’s just a question of putting the poor little thing in the pot and
    sending it off in the packing provided.

    I can be reached on 01884 821080 or [email protected]

    and you will have done something extraordinarily useful.

    Many thanks.

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