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    Twice in the last week I have had mail delivered to me – same house number as mine, but 2 different streets and postcodes. I strongly suspect mail of mine has been misdelivered – I know that it has been on mroe than one occasion, and once I did actually complain as the next door neighbour had opened it by mistake – and it was a new bank card. Had to cancel that one and get them to send a new one.  :nono:

    Do you think I ought really to get round to complaining about it – I know mistakes can happen occasionally, but they seem to happen an awful lot round here.  :-\ Or is that just the norm that would be expected for mistakes made/misdelivery?


    Report it Terry definately, we had that a few years back, postie didn’t know the round or just started putting things through doors willy nilly, the PO likes to be updated so they can check with others on the same round and give the postie a talking to I suppose, they very big on customer satisfaction at the mo so sure you’ll get a positive outcome!


    Definately report it, we were having the same problem here, I was getting post addressed to my number but with the wrong road/postcode etc on it and I know mine was being misdelivered cos a lady from the next road hand delivered some of my post to me. Havent had a problem since I did and the post office do take it seriously


    Do you know if reporting via email is possible? Can’t remember how I did it last time.  :-\


    should try living here we regularly get mail for house up the road and vice versa – we know each toher quite well now. parcels left on doorstep things signed for when we wernt even in…….you get the picture. We have complained they done sod all – we just glad we have honest neighbours and try to be considerate of the dyslexic postman.


    Have done an email report.

    I don’t even know where these houses are Suz – they are on completely different roads. I have just had to write misdelivered and stick it back in the postbox. Not so bad when it’s just the neighbours and you can just shove it through the door – that has happened more than once too….


    yep we are always sticking mail back in the post for places we never heard off. get used to it after a while given up complaining.


    they have said they will report it to the manager of the local delivery office – probably won’t make much difference, but at least i got round to doing something about it, which for me is a minor miracle.  :ok:


    this happens to me quite often, in order that both the PO and the original addressee know I put on these letters “deliver to x John Doe Drive on 1 Nov” and repost them.  This delays the post to the addressee but it means that the sorting office identifies the error and so does the addressee

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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