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    Well on Saturday my mam was out with benji and Luci for a walk and when benji was walking off in the wrong direction she called him over. As he turned he started yelping like mad. He couldn’t walk so my mam went running over to him thinking he had a thorn stuck in his pad. Checked him all over but nothing. Both his back legs were completely stiff and he couldn’t get up so she had to carry him home.

    They went straight off to the vet who checked him over and said it could be the cruciate ligament (sp) among a few other things. He gave us some some anti inflammatories and said to come back in 2-3 days if it’s not any better.

    Today Benji was asking to go out and since he seemed to be walking fine my mam took him out for a walk. They didn’t get to the end of the street before his back end just collapsed on him. She carried him back home where he started spinning round on the ground to get to his bad end crying. We took him straight back to the vet and a specialist looked over him. He had no pain in his back legs but had great difficulty lifting his tail above his spine and lowering his head towards the ground. He also seemed to be curving to his right and arching his back.

    The vet thinks now that he has a slipped disc in his lower back so poor little benji is being kept in till wednesday to keep an eye on him. He thinks that it isn’t bad enough for surgery and hopefully some crate rest will help it heal but only time will tell…so fingers crossed he’ll be home soon and feeling a lot better. Feels strange not hearing grumbling every second of the day ::) 😀 never thought i’d missed the little sod and his constant grumbling this much :-* :-*


    aw poor Benji  Kodi sends him lots of get well soon  :-* :-* :-*

    Hope he’s okay Laura :-*


    Poor Benji, get well soon lad.  :-* :-*


    Ah poor Benji, hope he’s OK Laura, Toby sends manly terrier kisses  :-* me too!


    poor benji i hope hes ok :-*


    get well soon grumpus  :-*


    just had a phone call from the vet nurse. Benji had a good night and is a very happy boyo this morning. Lots of tail wagging and seems to be fine with his walking. Just another day to go to make sure he doesn’t take a turn for the worst but he’s expected home wednesday afternoon. The vet said that he could need around 3 weeks of crate rest so we have his little hut all ready for him :-*


    excellent news.  ;D


    Oh no, poor lad!  Hope he’s ok  :-*


    Ohhhh ouch poor Benji – glad hes feling ab bit brighter  :-*


    Poor boy  🙁 he has my sympathy, sore backs are no fun. Glad he’s feeling a little easier.


    Aww get well soon Benji  :-*


    well we went to pick Benji up at 12.30 today and boy did he scream when he saw us 😀 he has also been screaming his little heart out for the past two days despite the fact that the vets said he had been fine – he is incredibly hoarse and sounds like he’s been smoking for the past 80 years ::) He was allowed to potter around the living room for 20 mins saying hello to everyone but then i put him into his little hut for some rest.

    the parents are already planning his escape, saying will just keep him in the hut while we are all out so i have explained what the term cage rest means like the vet told them and the vet nurse told them and even the receptionist told them ::)

    They listened to Bev for a the whole of 2 hours, then it was back to their way so i’ve told them that you can do what ever you want with him but when the time comes that he needs surgery and 3 months cage rest after that because he got trampled on my dodger or he went charging up to the door when the doorbell went off i’ll be there all the way to say ‘i told you so’ at the end ::)

    He’s seems to be doing well although he’s screaming the house down when he gets left in one room by himself (when he’s in the hut) at the minuet i’ve got him in my room locked in the hut with the DAP plugged in next to him and he’s sound asleep :-* :yes:


    Poor Benji – hope he’s a good boy (and parents too  ;)) and stays in bed  :order:


    Mudgie will be round soon ;D ;D ;D maybe she can work on the parents 😀 ::)

    (on second thoughts i’m not mean enough to unleash them on her 😀 :-*)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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