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    is in the vets and staying overnight  :'(

    thursday morning he helped manny eat through the arm of a foam bed……still dont know now if he swallowed any or if its a coincidence – thurs night he was sick bringing up all his dinner, friday morning he seemed ok ate brekky, then was promptly really sick from midday onwards – wouldnt eat shivering and crying in pain while stretching out his belly……..sat morning seemed much better had a bit of an upset ummy but had some food – then went downhill agai, spoke to the vet who said bring him in today if still concerned- he was turning down food this morning again and crying in pain so hes been at the vets since lunchtime  🙁

    xrays show nothing but hes got one spot in his abdomen tats causing a real pain response hence the worry – vet said is a chance the foam wouldnt show up specially if its only a small bit – but could still be enough to cause him problems – or the pain could just be major inflamation where hes been so sick! we dont know, she decided better to keep him in as im a good 20 mins away from my emergency vet plus with the little one i cant just rush him up there if hed taken a turn for the worse in the middle of the night – hes not stressing there so decided it was best all round. hes eaten now and so far ketp it down, and had some jabs icase its a bug/gastroenteritus………if he keeps that down he should be able to come home assuming no more stretching out on his belly and crying – if he keeps it up and/or is sick again is a high chance they will operate poor baby. but keeping fingers crossed it just a very nasty bug!!! missing him terribly  :boooo:


    Aw no poor fletch hope he picks up soon, not what you need you having a bad time at the min -how is Honey doing


    Hes home! He had a good night and touch wood no more sickness of diarrhoea hes had various injections and got a few more pills to take plus hes got to stick to small meals serveral times a day for next few days but hes so much happier its unreal!!

    Honeys fine – the stitches are pullig a little as it heals but its all fine and they come out a week today!


    Good glad to hear they both ok 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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