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    Had to take my boy to the vets today as he was struggling to have a wee. Bless him he kept trying to go but nothing was coming out. Then we got home from the walk and he weed all over our bed…..he had no control over it and it was just because he was on the bed that he weed there. then he weed all the way down the stairs but it was like it was just coming out. So…emergency vets as our normal surgery was already seeing an emergency patient so we drove to their other surgery much further away! Ollie weed all over the floor so she took a sample and it had blood in it and a very high PH. She examined him and gave him some painkiller injection and a course on antibiotics. They think it is cystitis but she said it may be a symptom of something like stones so if he not better in 48 hrs then to take him back in.
    Poor thing is sleeping infront of the fire and looks mighty fed up!
    Is there anything I can give him to help not get it again? I thought it was only a girly problem until today!


    oh poor Ollie… that can’t be nice  :nono:
    New sheets for you too I guess  :-\

    hope he all better soon  :-*  :-*


    Hope Ollie feels better soon, cystitis not nice :hurt:


    hope hes ok poor boy :-*


    Ohhh poor Ollie hope hes feeling better soon  :-*


    Hi sweetie,

    *hugs to you and Ollie*

    feeding, water and exercise are the 3 main areas which affect urine pH unless there is a more serious underlying health problem.

    if he has cystitis then I would get him drink drink and drink some more – freshen his water often if he likes to have fresh, encourage him to drink and if it helps him drink more go and get some dog milk or puppy milk (available from tesco in ready made cartons) and i mix it 50/50 with water for mine and they drink a bowl dry lol !!

    you can also get something from the chemist for them and once i’ve searched and found it i’ll re-post … its potassium something – like we’d use for human cystitis (dont tell them its for the dog or they will think you’re a crazy lady!!)

    At this time of year watch your room temp with central heating the dogs will “dry out” more than usual – either lower the temp a little and / or put bowls of water round the room to act as a humidifier.

    Claire x



    right its potassium citrate and if you can possibly get to a chemist today i would go and get some now, also on your way stop somewhere and get some cranberry juice and dog milk (if not get goats milk).

    he will be in pain the blood is urine burning the little passageways and blistering them so they bleed ouchies.  it can get serious VERY quickly so get him drinking tonight and turn down that heating 🙂

    Claire x


    i didnt know heating could affect dogs that way :scared:



    yep it can – its the risk of dehydration as the air is completely dry and hot, fluid off all their external membranes evaporates leaving it more likely bugs can wiggle their way in.  eyes, girl bits, wee bits .. all susceptible plus the dehydrating effect of heating + dry food etc ….

    centrally heated homes with double glazing and insulation in walls, roof etc … not having windows open – basically everything you do in winter makes the air in your home hot and dry.

    add to that dry food and you have a dog that is probably losing more water than its taking in unless you really start actively re-filling and encouraging etc … coats will go dry and brittle, urine infections creep in, sometimes eye infections … because there isnt enough water to dilute urine, or protect the eye surface etc …

    for a well dog it will stress the system but odds on it’ll cope, with a dog who has already become sick possibly due to dehydration factors – it is important to push fluids through fast as it is one condition that although its not “urgent” as such – can become so with kidneys getting infected very quick and you get a very sick seeming dog in alot of pain.

    not saying these factors would have caused it in this case – these are just some things i thought would make Ollie more comfy and other bits to help prevent for ppl who know they have dogs who dont drink much like my Bonnie – she can go over 24hrs without a drink and if she does she deteriorates very quickly.

    just read you got anti-b’s … have a look at the posts re: vit E & selenium to boost him – i think you do it after the course finishes.  in the mean time personally I would keep him away from clubs if you know KC is around as he’ll be a sitting duck immune wise.

    go get that pot cit 😀

    Claire x


    I never knew all that about the heating ???……. learnt something new there!


    dunno bout Val but have seen an increase in itchy dogs last few weeks – I personally cannot find any other reason except the central heating. Buster reacts the same lick chew nibble nibble if heatings to high  ::)


    aaah yes 🙂  any dog more prone to itches and dry skin will itch more in centrally heated home especially with insulation + double glazing.

    their coat will dry, their skin will dry, wee beasties like it warm and cozy, skin flakes, coat is brittle and breaks …… you name it really and central heating is bad for it !!

    dont you find you get more skin problems in winter personally ?  my elbows are cracking and my hands sore as are my feet … i get more spots as my skin is oily naturally and it way way overproduces being constantly dried out – living in centrally heated virtually air tight boxes is not what humans or animals are adapted for … no matter how much you love your 25 degrees lol !!!

    Claire x

    p.s. wet washing on the rads is another goodie for humidity but watch your wallpaper dont go mouldy 😀


    my hands look like they belong to a 90 year old  ::)  😛


    time to start washing honey in fairy then !!!


    😀 id have great hands honey would look like she just come out the dishwasher  😀

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