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    As some of you know Nacho is very poorly at the moment.  In fact I havent seen him this poorly at all in his 4 years of misadventures.  🙁

    I came home from work yesterday and he did not get up to greet me – was very disorientated.  Dog walker is now taking him out two walks a day.  I initially thought he was just tired as I have been doing a lot of walking and training with him lately.  However he couldnt weight bear and I had to physically lift him to the back garden to toilet him.  He was not a happy bunnie at all  🙁

    I deliberated for a while and then took him to vets.  Now a lot of you will know I am not a great lover of vets and prefer to use witchy woo stuff however Nacho was in a bad way and I knew that a dose of some herbs or oils was not going to do the trick.

    So I take him to vets – carrying all 40Kg of him into car – I have phoned vet prior to this.  Vet sends me to vet hospital.  Seventy million tests later prognosis is he has got back problems.  Soft tissue damage between discs.  Nacho is very unengaging and just looking at me the whole time. 

    He is given anti-inflammatorys and morphine and we are told to come back this morning.  I spent the whole night with him whimpering not a minute of sleep between us.  :ugly:  Vet this morning confims the diagnosis and does some futher tests.  Nacho crying from the minute we entereed the surgery.  He is completely stressed out.  Is given more morphine and valium and have to go back again on Monday. 

    His mobility is much better now but he is very poorly.

    So the lesson learned here for me is when my dog is seriously ill I am all but begging my vet for pain relief for him.  My alternative therapy holistic beliefs went right out of the window.


    ((hugs)) mudgie…. must have been awful to see him in that condition :'(

    I’ve been there with Benji just a few months ago so my fingers are crosses that Nacho makes a speedy recovery :-* Sending my love :-*


    {{{hugs}}} you two  :-* Hope you get some sleep tonight Mudge and that Nacho is more comfortable soon, you know where I am if you need me  :-*


    So the lesson learned here for me is when my dog is seriously ill I am all but begging my vet for pain relief for him.  My alternative therapy holistic beliefs went right out of the window.

    Mudgie don’t be too hard on yourself you have done the best you can for Nacho, sometimes you have to use conventional methods, whatever works.
    Hope you both feel better soon (((hugs)))  :-* :-*


    He slept for a whole ten minutes  :surrender:

    I have given him some more relaxant in the hope he will be more comfortable.

    And have looked out some earplugs for bed. Will let him in with me and make sure I cuddle him then if he moves I will feel him but I cant stand another night of crying all the time.  I am dead on my feet. 


    mudgie i m so sorry youre going through this, i dont want to imagine what its like.

    so youve had 2 days of tests, a diagnosis, what are they suggesting?

    {{{{{hugs}}}}} and white light thoughts to you both.


    he has damage to soft tissue in spine.  Rest will repair it – just making him comfortable is only option.  that and some anti-inflammatories.  He is a sensitive pooch and I have tried so hard not to reinforce anything but the crying is relentless.  I have no doubts about his diagnosis and treatment.  Hopeful that if he gets some sleep tonight he might feel a bit better tomorrow.

    His mobility was nothing last night he is much better now so he obviously has felt some pain relief.  I know myself how sore a bad back is.

    If I rub his ears and muzzle (his favourite) he quietens so he is getting some respite. 


    Bless him, he sounds thoroughly miserable, not sure if this would help Nooch but a friend of mine had a dog with something that sounded similar (thinkit was a slipped disc but not sure that happens to dogs) anyhoo she had an orthapedic dog bed which made him a lot more comfortable.

    Hope he getsa better soon  :-*


    How is he today Mudgie?  :-*


    He went to sleep around midnight and slept right through to 4am  ;D

    Had a wee cry moved position then went to sleep again woke up at 7am – so not too bad

    He is still bleeting like a sheep but maybe only 70% of the time – doing a fantastic impression of the singing kettle.

    Had him out a walk and am hoping he will go for a nap now and give me peace for an hour.

    But greatly improving.  :yes:


    Fabtastic – hope you’ve managed to catch up on some sleep too  ;D


    :'( poor Nooch sounds awful Mudgie  :'( hope he is sorted soon, you both must be knackered  :'(


    Blimey poor boy  :'( am glad to hear he is improving a little and hope that hes soon properly on the mend!  :-*


    Hope he picks up soon and you get some much needed rest  :-*


    Nooch is doing well now  :hurt: and I am managing to get back into a routine – sort of.  There appears to be no after effects apart from obviously spoiled dog syndrome and a £200 vet bill  p:-)

    We are off to Aviemore at weekend – not been for ages and to be honest it is a bit of a trek but Bank Holiday on Monday so making a long weekend of it but will have two full days there so should be good and will have Roxy with me too so that will be good  ;D  Doggies, walking, sleeping – all my favourite fings.  :yes:

    The pc room is now decorated so am back online however I am terribly behind in college assignments so am off to complete them tonight – well start tonight maybe complete them tomorrow. 

    Nooch is applying for his pet passport too as we are going to pet sit in Germany next year for the munch bunch – aka Elsa and BB  :baby:. 

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