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    Right, I might just be being a bit OTT here, but it worried me coz he’s my baby.

    Was out on a walk earlier today with Rafe and the lad I was walking him with was throwing him balls into a lake.  They were having a great time.  Little lad wanted to feed the ducks so I put Rafe on lead, and attempted to get him to look at me.  Hmmm.

    Anyway, lad comes back and we set off back to the car, I’m getting him to heel close (Rafe, not the kid!) and he’s doing well so I give him a bit of corned beef.

    He wouldn’t take it.

    Took his lead off coz thought he looked unwell and might need to be sick – nothing.  But he slunk next to me, didn’t want any treats, didn’t try to run off after the other children – just like an old beaten dog.

    He has never before acted like this.  He was quiet and biddable and looked really unwell.  But by the time we got back home he seemed to perk up and now he’s his usual irritating self.  Never been happier for him to try to dive all over me.

    Just wonder what it could’ve been.  Gave him quite a large beef bone yesterday and he ate the lot (including all the bone), so I wondered if it might be that he got a bt bunged up?  Gave him a big slosh of cod liver oil when we got back just in case, but I’ve no idea if he’s been to the loo or not because I had to leave him. (I hate half term).

    Don’t know if anyone else could give me a clue.  Sorry it’s all rather vague.



    maybe the exercise just dislodged some undigested stuff and he felt a little ill … either that or its in symptathy for Bonnie !

    i thought you were crating him when left – how come u dunno if he has been loo ???

    claire x


    How is he today?


    Erm – yes, crating him when I left when the boss was around… So since he wasn’t… Also when I’m around he has free run of boss’s garden, couple of acres and lots of tree bordery bits.

    He’s feeling much better (read annoying) today.  And he had a poo which was very hard.  Then a couple more which weren’t!!

    May have overdone it a tad with the oil!

    He a very happy boy, we’re at my parents’ and he loves it here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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