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    hope all you doggies been wearing your poppies today…lots of doggies used as ‘war’ dogs…we got ours and we will be at the village memorial on sunday…

    carry nice cubert
    no ami…it belongs there
    wtf percyperc
    too old to go but… tedtoo


    manny would of eaten them so we didnt, but we did do our 2 min silence  🙂


    we did our two minutes silence at work, the only time the place is quiet


    yes frag…poppy day…11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour…and this year the 11th year…the village memorial is in a 17th cent. graveyard…a few years ago the village com. asked for volunteers to clear it out and restore it… it now a centre point of the village as a wild life haven…has won the best graveyard comp for a few years running now…we volunteered to do the bird feeding station as mo a bird lover…so we fill the feeders with seed and put fat balls and things down…when we moved into the village we always got ‘funny’ looks and such…as we gay with kids…but the even funnier when we started the remembrance thing cos we have always taken the dogs… ::) and many thought it was disrespectful etc etc…but…we both of an age to have lost relatives in the war…i was deprived of uncles…and i was always very close to an uncle that had been a POW in japan…he had a very painful life sadly…Mo never new her granpa…lost to gas ww1…and one of my hobbies is dogs of war…so to us it important…whatever dogs i have had have been taught the poppy day routine…we follow the british legion members down and we wait at the back while the vicar does his stuff…dogs in sit until the last post is sounded…although that has happened for the last couple of years…but if it is then i cue them to stand nice…then when the others leave we carry our poppies on wooden crosses…dogs have one each and we lay them…nice carry cubert…now dead…no no it stays there lol…

    a couple of years ago when he was still puppy…we went down a few days later…he mooching about…we filling the bird feeders…he arrived at our feet with a mouth full of poppies :what: :what: badbadbad  ;D

    just something that is important to us…we will watch the rem. evening held at the Royal Albert Hall tonight and we will be up to watch the march past the cenotaph 2mor morning…and will be crying my eyes out…as normal  ::) 🙂


    just reading this post has me in tears.    :'(

    There is nothing more humbling than veterans with their medals and their proud stance.  Generation after generation could learn a thing or two from them. 


    to the ‘guest’ that has emailed me this am… ::)

    actually…i don’t give a s***e what colour your poppy is…red white black skyblue pink with spots on  :whatever: …there are those that are ignorant…those that are uneducated and those that are just stupid…guess there are those that are all 3  😉


    they must be making poppies cheaper these days  ::) cubert has a lovely set of crimson lips  :-* :-* :-*  mary quant  :-* anyone  :gum: :gum:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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