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    I submitted my site last week to Dog Club and just wondered how long it would take to appear. It should come up under Dog Training Northern England Durham. I also tried to fill out the newsletter details but it wouldn’t let me sign up.



    hi…and welcome
    colin will attend to it asap – he works away but iss generally about at w/ends

    but introduce yourself on here – what dogs you have etc etc …what sort of training do you do – we have a reg poster – mudgie rec moved to your area and is looking for something to do with her super boyo…


    I’m Vicky. I have been dog training for about 10 years now. I deal with pet dog training, the sort of things the average dog owner needs help with. This will often overlap to some degree with behaviour modification. I aim to provide pet owners with training ideas/tools they can use at home to train their dogs.

    I run puppy and adult classes too. I have four dogs of my own. all rescues, a three legged Collie X, a SBT X, and two Lurchers. (Lurchers Great Fun! they keep me on my toes) All of my dogs have responded really well to Clicker Training and becuse of this I will actively encourage my clients to try it out too. I want owners to feel they can have a relationship with their dogs that is enjoyable and stress free, and I make the training kind and positive.

    Anyone wanting to do more with their dogs i.e. target training, intro to agility, assistance work, trick training should attend a course and go on to complete my Higher Hounds class which lets everyone take their pet dog training to the next level.     


    I do try and get in to the admin area and check the new sites as often as I can.  I have been very busy this week at work, so will be spending this weekend checking the new sites added.

    Generally it is every few days, but can take a couple of weeks for me to review the new sites.



    I added my link to the directory a couple of weeks ago but cannot find it anywhere. It should be in the online shopping section. I can actually login and edit it , it just doesn’t seem to come up in the listeings. Would you be able to look into this please?


    Just noticed how long ago this was lol

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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